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Maxim started to work in technical translation in his 4th year at the Ivanovo State Power University. After receiving in 2007 specialist degree of Translator in the Field of Professional Communication and Applied Mathematician and System Programmer Maxim continued to work in the area of technical translation as a freelance translator. For more than 10 years of professional career as a translator he has taken part in projects for companies like Microsoft, Apple, Nokia, Sumsung, Phillips, etc.


Industry Projects

  • Software100+
  • High Tech100+

Summary of Industry Experience


Maxim graduated from Faculty of IT and Computer Science, that is why he has enough knowledge to successfully translate materials related to IT, including software. And his research experience in this field helps him make accurate and proper translations.

High Tech

Almost every week Maxim translates projects related to High Tech. He tries to track up-to-date technologies in IT, mobile and Internet areas, because he often gets projects related to these topics.

Product Projects

  • Webinar5
  • Product Description500+
  • Presentation50+

Summary of Product Experience


Maxim has translated a few of webinars, among than was a couple for some large and famous companies, like Apple. This webinars generally was related to repairs, technical support and interactions with customers.

Product Description

Maxim has translated no less than 500 product descriptions, including manuals, whitepapers, brochures and data sheets for companies like Microsoft, Apple, Nokia, Samsung, Lenovo, Siemenns, Konecranes, Canon, etc.


Maxim has translated at least 50 presentations about new products and events for companies like Microsoft, HP, Autodesk, Apple, etc.