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Having been awarded MA in Translation by the University of Westminster (UK) in 2005 Alena focused on building a freelance network by providing pro bono translations in a human rights field for a number of international organisations.
At the same time she also honed her translation skills in the UK corporate sector and worked as an in-house translator in shipping and blue-chip financial institutions until joining in 2009 a translation team in a leading immigration and human rights law practice in London. The five years spent of working with high calibre lawyers and demanding clients has proved an invaluable experience in terms of learning how to meet tight deadlines while not compromising on quality and readability of translated texts.
After moving in 2015 to Australia Alena enrolled to the University of London LLB distance learning programme and so far has successfully passed five out of nine exams towards the degree.


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Her main area of specialisation is legal translation. She understands the pressures of this sector and the need to produce high quality work within extremely tight deadlines. She prides herself in delivering reliable translations meeting the expectations of the most demanding clients. The types of documents she works with vary from counsel arguments, particulars of claim, witness statements to powers of attorney and client engagement letters. Her current time zone in Australia allows her to complete urgent translations for her clients based in Europe and other time zones overnight. As a result of working closely with lawyers over a number of years she has developed a keen interest in law and the human rights field. So after relocating to Australia in 2015, in order to enhance her knowledge and understanding of the subject matter and all its intricacies, she enrolled in an LLB course with the University of London International Programmes, of which she has now successfully completed five units.

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She worked as an in-house legal EN-RU translation in a London human rights and immigration law firm between 2009 and the end of 2014. After moving to Australia and going freelance in 2015 she continued to work for a number of law firms as a freelance translator. She has translated a great variety of documents that a law firm has to deal with- from client care letters to commercial contracts in a number of industries and counsel advice in respect of various issues.


She worked on translation of material from the fascinating Big History unit as provided by the Macquarie University (NSW,Australia) of about 25 000 words in total and proofread the other 25 000 words of the project completed by the other translators.