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A multi-skilled, reliable & talented 39 years old Mexican translator with a proven ability to translate written documents from English & French into Spanish. A quick learner who is passionate about language & can communicate clearly & effectively with people from all social & professional backgrounds. Well mannered, articulate & fully aware of diversity & multicultural issues related to the translation field. Flexible in the ability to adapt to challenges when they arise & aware of professional roles & boundaries. Will keep on working as a translator for a wide range clients looking to reach an increasingly Spanish speaking audience.



Language Projects

  • French (EU) to Spanish (South America)50+
  • English (US) to Spanish (South America)20+

Summary of Language Experience

French (EU) to Spanish (South America)

Francisco has been working as a French into Spanish (Latinamerican) translator for over 5 years. When he was younger, his passion for all things French took him to France for a 4 month stay, where he improved his language skills, both oral and in writing.
He enjoys translating from French into Spanish because of the similar grammar structure of this language pair, and he hopes to translate your contents to better address your Mexican or Latinamerican audience.

English (US) to Spanish (South America)

Francisco has been working as a freelance for translation agencies and direct clients providing translation, editing, proofreading and interpreting services where needed. He has been involved in converting documents and articles from one language into another and ensuring that the finished converted texts relay the intended message as clearly as possible.

Industry Projects

  • Legal100+
  • Medical3

Summary of Industry Experience


Francisco has done a few projects involving legal texts for different companies. Legal terminology is something he knows how to deal with: he takes great care with each term and paragraph to ensure the final result is as faithful to the original as possible.


Working on the medical field is a complicated yet rewarding task: books, leaflets or journal articles, all deserve special attention and care wen using the medical slang, something Francisco knows how to do well.

Product Projects

  • Web Page100+
  • Book4
  • Other3

Summary of Product Experience

Web Page

Webpage translation is one of Francisco's main source of work. He has been working for several companies with whom he has a long term work relationship, and he truly enjoys every time he gets to see his work online.


One of Francisco's first projects on his freelance translator career, this book on music therapy was a big challenge for sure, but one that he enjoyed very much.


Francisco really enjoys when a new French to Spanish project comes. His passion for this language and its similarity with Spanish grammar makes things much easier for him.

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