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Colombian native, Carlos has 22+ years' experience in the communication, marketing, language translation, education, and computer industries. My knowledge ranges from image editing to multimedia production and management, including web and graphic design. He is also a Translator Without Borders.

At age four, his English and Spanish bilingual-bicultural education began. Since then, I have constantly been building skills and assets in the multilingual communications arena. Through marriage, I have been immersed in a third culture, the German.



Language Projects

  • English (US) to Spanish (South America)1,000+

Summary of Language Experience

English (US) to Spanish (South America)

Carlos is an ATA-Certified Senior Translator, project manager, DTP and web design expert.

His areas of specialization include Medical/Health Care, Marketing/Transcreation, IT & Telco, News, and Press Releases.
In his own words:
Words have always fascinated me. Interaction between peoples, cultures and individuals have motivated most of my endeavors. The lure of translation was already patent during my school years, when books became windows through which fantastic and unlimited worlds became visible. Once in those worlds, language became something that transcended words and comparing versions in different languages became a passion. It was not about words anymore, but rather about filling the author’s vision with nuances, complemented by the translator’s vision. Naturally, English and Spanish did not suffice.

A natural result of this inclination, while still studying Media Arts, was turning this growing interest into a profession. An international IT publication became the platform from which a passion became a career. Over twenty years of constant work later, having added further languages, along with specialization, certification and experience to the mix, I continue to offer high-quality services to customers around the world.

Industry Projects

  • Medical1,000+

Summary of Industry Experience


Carlos has had a keen interest in medical sciences since he was a child and even considered becoming a doctor at some point.

Daily and for eight years, he worked on medical translations mostly for patients, including news, press releases, patient reports and brochures. He also enjoys working on translations related to medical equipment.

Product Projects

  • Web Page100+

Summary of Product Experience

Web Page

Web and DTP Realm
Your web presence is an integral part of your business success. As a web designer and webmaster, I am well-equipped to offer web-related services geared at your specific needs.

Available services:
Website localization
Graphic localization
Multilingual content management
Comprehensive multilingual web-presence solutions, including web hosting
Multilingual Search Engine Optimization (SEO) consulting

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