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Leon is experienced technical/marketing translator from English to Russian. He believes that translation can be perfect only if translator knows the subject matter as well as foreign language. The results are significant. He makes IT/SOFTWARE translations for Microsoft, Oracle, Adobe; ELECTRONICS translations for Siemens, Cisco and General Electric; MUSIC translation for Yamaha, AVID, Magix Software; TOURISM translations for Starwood Hotels and Resorts, KLM, VisitBritain; and MARKETING translations for thousands of websites, catalogues, brochures, datasheets and offers.


Industry Projects

  • Software100+
  • Travel100+
  • Marketing100+

Summary of Industry Experience


Besides being experienced user, Leon also has worked as programmer, database administrator and web-developer. That is why he can do not only simple translation of software marketing texts, but also the full range of software-related documents, including helps, instructions, specifications, advertising materials, software localization, programming and database specific articles and so on. Microsoft, Oracle, Adobe, AVID, Corel, Sony – this is only tip of Leon clients’ iceberg.


Lifetime passion of Leon to tourism and extensive European independent traveling for years allow him to know every aspect of transport, booking, hotel business and services as well as geography, weather, sights and national specific of many countries to make really informed translations in Travel industry. No wonder, therefore, that world-known companies like Starwood Hotels and Resorts, KLM, VisitBritain work with Leon for many years. Among translated documents, there are web pages of hotels and restaurants, traveler booklets and references, materials about hospitality, fitness, sport, geography and so forth.


Leon has strong background in marketing industry, as he has got respective education and then worked as project manager and chief of department; also, he has been a coacher on web marketing, SEO and entrepreneurship. Therefore, it is only natural, that Leon makes really well marketing translations, as he exactly know the processes and terms. Wide range of industries, supported by Leon, allows translating advertising, market research, product catalogs, surveys, trade offers and many other kinds of marketing documents.

Product Projects

  • Web Page100+
  • Product Description100+
  • Brochure20+
  • Catalog50+

Summary of Product Experience

Web Page

The number of web pages, translated by Leon is really uncountable. Say, he translates over 2,000 web pages annually. The subjects vary from elite IT products and world-class five-stars hotels to humble personal pages or perspective startups.

Product Description

Product description quality defines how much people will find you in Internet, read the respect page and probably buy your product. That is why Leon's task when translating such documents is not only to be exact and specific, but also to know the subject. Whether he translates new software features, consumer good description or new marketing offer for booking of hotel, he always exactly understands what he translates to express it adequately. And the clients appreciate his work.


Leon had to learn many things before translating brochures really well. Besides the language and the subject knowledge, Leon’s experience in marketing and design helps to make brochure translation even better. Yachts, the high-end webcam, hotel presentations, tourist booklets of airlines, business presentations and corporative instructions – here is incomplete list of translations, made by Leon.


Marketing translations made by Leon included trade catalogs, e-shop materials and product descriptions. Some pages of catalogs require additional researches and Leon performed it also, as this is sufficient part of the translation quality.