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Ghada has been working as a freelance translator since early 2015. She is a native Arabic speaker and lives in Iraq-Kurdistan region. She has a strong command of all the major Arabic dialects (Gulf dialects) as as she was born (and lived) in UAE for 23 years. She can translate from English to Arabic and vice versa, and ensures to deliver high quality translations. Her degree in Business Administration is of real value when it comes to accomplish translation projects that are related to various aspects of the business world.



Industry Projects

  • Medical1
  • High Tech1
  • Legal4
  • Non Profit2
  • Marketing4

Summary of Industry Experience


Ghada has translated one patient's guide "Breast cancer"

High Tech

Ghada has translated several online booklets for a company which offers surveillance systems and cameras.


Ghada has translated 4 (or maybe more) legal documents from both, English to Arabic and Arabic to English. (Mostly from Arabic to English).

Non Profit

Ghada has translated several posts, texts and videos for 2 non-profit organizations as a volunteer.


Ghada has translated many marketing materials for several industries.

Product Projects

  • Web Page4
  • Blog Post50+
  • Brochure3
  • Book1
  • Direct Mail1

Summary of Product Experience

Web Page

Ghada has translated several web pages and websites (maybe more than 3).

Blog Post

Ghada have translated around 70 blog posts from English to Arabic.


Ghada have translated around 3 or more brochures, mostly for clients in UAE.


Ghada has translated half the novel "The journey of the Sapphire" by Scott Drane, and she's going to finish its translation soon.

Direct Mail

Ghada has translated an e-mail cover letter for an Australian real estate company.