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Paulien is interested in writing and reading about glass and textile art, and reflecting on and transforming personal experiences with living, (inter)dependence, living with disabilities, and the end of life. Four cats grace her house with their presence.



Language Projects

  • English (UK) to Dutch4
  • English (US) to Dutch2

Summary of Language Experience

English (UK) to Dutch

Paulien translated crafts books and literary fragments for several assignments. Very conscious of the fact that any translation is also an interpretation, her interest is in conveying not just the words but the spirit of the original text. Going the extra mile, she also makes sure that the translated text reads as fluently as the original.

English (US) to Dutch

Paulien has experience in translating corporate websites, and fragments of partly autobiographical books on developing oneself, transforming personal experiences.

Industry Projects

  • Self Help3
  • Craft1

Summary of Industry Experience

Self Help

From her own interest in personal development, Paulien translated several book fragments on transforming one's experiences.


Paulien has experience translating book fragments on woodworking, as well as website content on glass and textile art.

Product Projects

  • Web Page8
  • Book3

Summary of Product Experience

Web Page

Paulien translated informative websites about mounting systems for solar panels, with installation manuals and datasheets, about glass art, about personal development.


For several assignments Paulien completed translation of fragments of fantasy books and books on crafts and personal development.

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