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Jack took six years of Spanish before serving a church mission for two years among Spanish-speakers in which he solely spoke Spanish. Since, he has taught Spanish to other missionaries for three years.



Language Projects

  • Spanish (South America) to English (US)10+

Summary of Language Experience

Spanish (South America) to English (US)

Jack is a fluent Spanish speaker who spoke Spanish solely for two years and since has taught three years of Spanish.

Industry Projects

  • Sports100+
  • Career10+

Summary of Industry Experience


Jackson has provided play-by-play commentary for sporting events in Spanish, including soccer, basketball and baseball. He has also written various feature articles about athletes in the United States for a few different Spanish sports news sources.


I translated ads for my uncle's business offering career training to Spanish workers.

Product Projects

  • Email Copy10+

Summary of Product Experience

Email Copy

I've translated emails for a few companies from English into Spanish and vice versa.

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