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After receiving her Master’s Degree in English and Dutch Literature from the University of Anwerp in 2006, Sofie started working as a copywriter and translator English-Dutch for corporations, television and radio.


Industry Projects

  • Entertainment100+
  • Travel50+
  • Kids/Family50+

Summary of Industry Experience


Sofie has been working for a TV network for several years and has done a lot of translations about movie trailers, movie programs and movie news. She has also translated numerous advertisements for the music and gaming industry.


Sofie loves to travel and she has translated tons of travel articles, books and websites.


Sofie has translated a lot of texts about kids and family. Being a mother herself, she has a lot of firsthand experience with these topics.

Product Projects

  • Article50+
  • Book10+
  • Product Description20+
  • Advertisement50+
  • Web Page50+

Summary of Product Experience


Sofie has translated numerous articles about a variety of topics. Some of them were published in magazines, others on websites or in brochures.


Sofie has translated fiction books such as Fifty Shades of Grey and The Poison Diaries. She has also translated cook books, a children's book about King Arthur, a book about crochet, plants, birds and more.

Product Description

Sofie has translated a lot of product descriptions for a variety of products and brands.


Sofie has translated advertisements for small and big companies with brands like Talisker, Pampers, Coca Cola, Proximus TV, Umicore and so on.

Web Page

Sofie has translated a lot of website for small and big brands and companies.