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Edison started his English studies, aged four, in his home town, Fray Bentos where the British had an important industrial complex. After obtaining bachelor degree he started studying veterinary in the National University of Uruguay. At the beginning of the dictatorship process he was forced to quit his studies and emigrate to Brazil where he worked for two years with Rita Lee e Os Mutantes a theater/musical group. Returning to Uruguay, he was hired as a physics teacher in the Eugenio Capdevielle Secondary School. The dictatorship authorities banned him from teaching so he was forced to start a humble job for the German company Hochtief in the construction of an international bridge between Argentina and Uruguay. With his language knowledge, he became Maintenance Supervisor. He switched companies and started working for the Italian company Impregilo in South Argentina, the Alicura Dam Project. After the Falkland's, they sent him to Colombia to work in the Betania Dam Project for Impregilo. After that, he received an offer from the French company Spie Batignolles in the Guavio Dam Project. Returning to Uruguay in 1987 he started his own software developing agency, dedicated to construction apps. He was called by Hilton Hotels for their Conrad Resort & Casino Project in Punta del Este, lately bought by Caesar's, and worked there up to 2014, when he retired.



Language Projects

  • English (US) to Spanish (South America)20+
  • French (EU) to Spanish (South America)20+
  • Italian to Spanish (South America)10+
  • Portuguese (Brazil) to Spanish (South America)1

Summary of Language Experience

English (US) to Spanish (South America)

As an IT Manager, Edison has translated several software and apps documentation to his employees. In his others dam project jobs, almost all manuals were written in english.

French (EU) to Spanish (South America)

Ses traductions plus importantes ont été liées à la mer, apart les textes techniques qu'il utilisait dans son travail. Deux livres traduits por Mme.Chacoux, navigateur solitaire depuis treize ans.

Italian to Spanish (South America)

Come lavoratore tecnico per una societá italiana, lui ha dovuto tradurre manuali di manutenzione e schede técniche di ognu macchina in cantiere, per condividere la conoscenza con i suoi dipendenti.

Portuguese (Brazil) to Spanish (South America)

Embora domina o idioma, ele nunca fez uma tradução de texto completo. No entanto ele acha que é uma oportunidade e um desafio para o seu conhecimento.

Industry Projects

  • Construction3

Summary of Industry Experience


Working in a technical position in more than three huge dam projects forced Edison to deal with many kinds of technical literature. This woke up his interest in learning and enabled him to enjoy reading foreign writers in their native language.

Product Projects

  • Book2

Summary of Product Experience


Among other translations he has translated two of Mme. Sophie Chacoux (Female solo navigator) books in which she dumps her experience as a woman in face of the sea. An easy task because of Edison´s knowledge about sailing.

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