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Ingmar is a German-French native speaker and perfectly bilingual in those two languages. He has been working in translations since 2007. Ingmar works mainly as an online marketing consultant, but he spends at least 20% of his time creating translations from English and French into German.



Language Projects

  • French (EU) to German100+
  • English (UK) to German50+

Summary of Language Experience

French (EU) to German

Being a French-German native speaker, he used his native language skills to work as a freelance translator after finishing his studies. A company that relied heavily on the translator's skills, was a German company called MMC Sports. The translator worked for this company, specialized in content creation and localization for nearly two years, in both language pairs English-German and French-German. Later on the translator had a working relationship with a French company called E-Blogs, a European content platform, that covered very diverse subject, ranging from politics and economics to philosophy and cooking. At the moment the translator works for a Belgian company called Textmaster, for which he has done large amount of work, especially for the language pair French-German, but also English-German.

English (UK) to German

He first started working as a translator from English to German in 2007, when he became part of a large translation project for a Munich based company called MMC Sports. The project consisted in translating subtitles from sports related tv shows, such as BBC's Top Gear. He went on working for this company as a freelance translator for two years. Later on, he started working with a translation company called OneSkyApp, translating mainly app content from English to German. Another company that relies on the translator's services is the Belgian company Textmaster.

Industry Projects

  • Travel100+
  • Sports50+

Summary of Industry Experience


For nearly one year, Ingmar has been working for a company called Textmaster, that relied on him, to translate a large amount of travel related content for a company called Evaneos.


After studying sports sciences in Cologne at German University of Sports, he used his perfect French language skills to start working as a freelance translator for a company called MMC Sports in Munich. This company is specialized on localization of sports related websites, video content and radio content. He was part a a large project, consisting in translating subtitles from the BBC-show Top Gear, a project that was ongoing over two years. Besides he also got involved in translation projects related to football, Formula 1 and other sports.

Product Projects

  • Product Description1,000+

Summary of Product Experience

Product Description

Ingmar can't count the number of product descriptions he did for online shops and websites, he has done many.

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