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Cian has lived and worked in Beijing, China for 4.5 years, always in Chinese companies. His most recent position was as customer support manager for an IT startup. He would regularly translate customer support emails for developers as well as daily office life. After leaving his position to follow his passion in music he regularly had to translate and interpret for other band members, this mainly included contracts and travel information.


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Industry Projects

  • Technology100+

Summary of Industry Experience


Cian worked for over two years in the IT industry in Beijing. Day to day operations in the company were all in Chinese. Regularly translating for developers and testers, both emails and live interpretation.

Product Projects

  • Banner Ad100+
  • Email Copy20+
  • Blog Post10+
  • Speech3

Summary of Product Experience

Banner Ad

He translated all online advertising materials for his design team in order to create localised advertising.

Email Copy

Translated email copy from head of marketing to correctly implement marketing strategies in desired locations.

Blog Post

He translated multiple blog posts for developers concerning new software practices.


He translated subtitles for a group of speeches made on International CRO Day for several of China's leading IT experts.

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