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Rebecca loves examining texts carefully, absorbing new ideas and communicating them clearly and effectively to the intended audience - something she has being doing for over ten years. Rebecca is interested in a wide variety of subjects but specializes in music, history, religion and education. Although her background is in arts and culture, she regularly translates journalistic texts on politics and current affairs and reports and educational texts for NGOs.


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Language Projects

  • French (EU) to English (UK)50+

Summary of Language Experience

French (EU) to English (UK)

Rebecca has been translating from French into UK and US English for just over two years. During this time she has translated numerous newspaper and magazine articles in subjects including politics, international relations, contemporary arts, science and technology. She also translates newsletters, reports and other documents for international NGOs working in the fields of education, women's rights, worker's rights and religion.

Industry Projects

  • Publishing50+
  • Non Profit10+
  • Music3

Summary of Industry Experience


Rebecca has translated numerous journalistic articles mostly in the fields of politics, international relations and science and technology. Many of her translations are published online. She has experience in this field of translating both from European and Canadian French.

Non Profit

Rebecca has experience of translating various documents for non profit organizations and international NGOs working in the fields of workers' rights, women's rights and education.


Rebecca's background in music makes her well placed to translate texts in this field. She has particular experience in classical music (especially music before 1700), sacred music of all eras, and Celtic folk music. She has studied music in the UK and France and is a harpist, singer and composer as well as a translator.

Product Projects

  • Article50+
  • Newsletter Content4
  • Speech2
  • Other2

Summary of Product Experience


Rebecca has translated many journalistic articles from around the francophone world covering a variety of subjects. Many of her translations of articles covering politics and international relations have been published online. Other subjects she has covered include contemporary art, science and technology.

Newsletter Content

Rebecca has translated newsletters and reports for various international NGOs working in the fields of human and women's rights and education. She finds this a particularly rewarding field to work in.


Rebecca has translated speeches given at the international conference of an international NGO working in the field of education and women's rights.


Rebecca has translated interviews with influential francophone artists for a citizen media website.