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Let’s face it. You’re short on time. But big on creating high quality content that your customers need. We’ve got you covered, with lots of tips and advice that are like healthy snack-sized nuggets to power your content marketing workflow.

Writing Style Contests



Testing 1, 2, 3.
We have a winner.

If you’re like many of our customers that know what you want but can’t exactly pinpoint the tone, style and voice that aligns with your brand, you’ll want click on Find Talent and Writing Style Contests. You’ll post the same order to 3 writers you hand select, and pick the winner.



Define your goals.
Specify your requirements.

You’ll need to clarify your goals, target audience, tone and style, and project specifications/requirements for success. Providing sample greatly helps freelancers. And building Creative Briefs, Customer Journey Maps and Buyer Personas is easy with our tools.



Revision request required.
Here’s why you win.

Onboarding new freelancers is challenging, along with defining GREAT content. Investing a small amount of time offering positive feedback and revision requests on work can have a BIG impact on achieving your goals and exceeding your expectations.



Contests help find winners.
And everybody wins.

Our freelancers love to compete, and they love to win. We find that many of our customers end up working with all the writers in a contest, creating a win-win. Even if freelancers do not win the contest, they learn along the way and have the opportunity to put their skills to work, for pay.