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Pricing By the Project



Fixed rate pricing.
Better for some projects.

Pricing by the project may make more sense for some projects, like white papers or complex projects with conference call requirements or phone interviews.



Pay more per project.
Expect higher quality.

When we say you get what you pay for at WriterAccess, we mean it. The higher the price per project you select, the higher the quality you can expect with each and every order.



Request project pricing.
No haggling required.

You can always request a flat rate price for an order you place. Talent will take a look at the specifications and get back to you with there price for you to accept or revise based on clarification of the work required.



Request price per word.
Save the haggling.

There’s another way to ask for pricing by the project, and that’s on a Casting Call. Simply post your project detailed specification for assessment. Writers apply with their pitch and price, and you pick the winner.



Price by the hour.
Content strategy rates.

Content Strategists are paid by the hour with rates ranging from $35-$100/hour depending on the strategists’ experience and Star Level. You allocate the hours you approve for the project specifications. Strategists agree to the terms and cannot exceed the max hours your pre-approved.