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The WriterAccess tip center is the place to go and learn how to put the full power of our platform to work.

Order Specifications


Be clear with instructions.
Provide samples of excellence.

Clear instructions, clever guidelines and defined style elements help writers deliver to your exacting specifications — the goal for all writers. Providing samples of excellence is perhaps the best way to more efficiently dial writers into your definition of content greatness.


Lay down the rules.
Save lots of time.

For those must-do requirements for writing services, we suggest you add rulesets on the order to best communicate the requirement. Each rule in your ruleset must be “checked off” by talent before delivery, giving you peace of mind.


Less instruction.
More creativity.

Let’s face it. Creative professionals need a certain level of flexibility to express their talent and create great content. To many restrictions with orders or to much strategic direction can curb creativity that may impact the work.

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