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Fortify your smartitude.

Let’s face it. You’re short on time. But big on creating high quality content that your customers need. We’ve got you covered, with lots of tips and advice that are like healthy snack-sized nuggets to power your content marketing workflow.

Customer Journey Maps



Visualize the journey.
Document the needs.

Customer journey maps visualize what a customer is thinking and feeling at various stages of their journey with your brand. With a clear understanding customers needs and pain points, writers can create content that motivates they through their journey.



Tips for getting started.
Advice to find answers.

You’ll need to harvest lots of data, insights and information about your what your customers are thinking and feeling at each stage of their journey. Involve sales, marketing and customer success to learn the answers from customer interviews, analytics research and social media research.



Go deep with analytics.
Listen up with social.

Tap analytics to learn where your customers come from, what keywords they use to find you, how much time they spend on-site, and what content assets they read. Converse with customers in the social sphere, and Search for questions their asking for insights on what they experience at each stage.



Style flex writing style.
Better connect and engage.

When placing orders, be sure to select a journey stage for the writer so they can flex their writing style to mimic the challenges customers experience in that stage with a more targeted tone and style that better earns trust and propels the buying decision.



Cover all the bases.
Content for all stages.

If you choose to use our Journey Map Builder and select a journey stage(s) with orders, you can track how much content you’re creating for each journey stage, and be sure you’re covering all the content bases to help move customers through the buying decision.