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Creative Briefs


Creative Briefs.
In a nutshell.

Creative briefs help writers learn the important details of a project, like brand voice, target audience, company description and goals for the work. You have lots of choices with how you convey all this information, discussed below.


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Built-in creative brief.

Place a writing order at WriterAccess, and can create a creative brief in the order form, offering all the specifications writers need to create the tone, style and voice required for projects. You can also use our Creative Brief Builder and create and save briefs, and load them up in the order form.


Creative brief builder.
Apply to all your orders.

Click on Platform Tools in the left navigation to access our Creative Brief Builder that guides you through the process of building a creative brief to clarify your goals, requirements and specifications so writers can create better content for your audience with your brand’s tone, style and needs.


Creative brief wizard.
Scale your agency.

If you’re an agency member looking to harvest information from your clients, you’ll love our white label solution available at CreativeBriefWizard.com. All the information your clients provide become available in your WriterAccess admin to edit, upload and share with writers.

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