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Revision Requests

Revision requests come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from the fast and easy to the utterly ridiculous. Those that fall into the ridiculous category typically ask you to make changes that go far beyond or weren't even mentioned in the original scope of the project. You have two choices if you're ever faced with that scenario, and this video tells you what they are. You can also find more info on revision requests in our FAQs for freelancers section.

Revision Requests Transcription

Revision requests help you learn more about a project and better understand your client's goals. But significant changes in the scope of a project are enough to make your eyes bulge out in frustration. 

You have a couple of choices that you can consider that are within our terms and conditions for revisions. 

The first is to simply execute the revision request and message the client that future scope changes will require additional fees. You'll bring about cheers of joy with your client and set the tone for a fair and reasonable future together. 

The second is to message the client and request an additional fee to execute the significant project changes and new requirements. The client may be a little bit less joyous, but if they're fair, they'll totally understand. 

Direct communication is the key for success at WriterAccess, and these two suggestions may work better than SHOUTING IN ALL CAPS. 

Take a look at our FAQ section for more ideas and answers on revision requests.