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Delivering on Orders

One of the easiest ways to ensure you never get repeat work is to totally ignore the order deadlines. Customers need on-time orders, and WriterAccess freelancers are expected to deliver them. This video gives you a rundown on diffrerent order deadlines, how you can earn extra for picking up rush orders, and what flexible delivery means. Check it out now.

Delivering on Orders Transcription

Clients place orders for projects with a few options on the delivery time and date. And as frequently as some have asked, we still won't let them place orders due yesterday. 

But when rush orders are placed for a day or two out, you earn an additional 30% or 10%, respectively. 

Standard orders offer three to five days for delivery, giving you more time to manage multiple projects. Clients can also select delivery flexibility on orders, where you'll see a button to request an extension. Clients have pre-approved the extension, so you don't have to wait around for its approval. Keep moving forward, as if it were granted. 

But it's not just an excuse to go fishing. Only one extension is granted per order. But you can message our team if you need support. 

Extension request are not penalized in any way. But we do review performance and delivery does play a role.