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Client Communication

Direct communication with clients is the key to success at WriterAccess, and we offer many ways to connect and collaborate. Choices include voice message instructions, conference calls, and requests for quotes or pricing on casting calls and orders. Take a gander at this video for more details on ways to communicate with customers, along with things you want to avoid.

Client Communication Transcription

At WriterAccess, we want you to become rich and famous—but only with your first name and last initial. 

Direct communication with clients is the key to success, and we offer many ways to connect and collaborate. 

Voice message instructions are available to clients so you can hear recorded instructions to clarify requirements. 

Conference calls can be requested by clients on orders, and if you accept you'll be paid by the minute for your time. 

Clients can request pricing on casting calls and orders, and you can review the complexity and suggest a price. Just remember that when you quote a price to a client, you'll be paid 70% of the price that you quote. 

For writers that exceed the word count on orders, you'll only be paid the max price the client has approved. But you can always message clients for overages on projects and request additional fees, which can be accepted or denied. 

Beware of clients that fail to comply with our terms and conditions requesting your personal contact information, or that ask you to do strange things—like ballet on an elephant. 

Yes, please report any dubious communication from clients so that we can keep the orders flowing and income going to you and our fans.