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Account Star Ratings

All freelancers on the WriterAccess platform receive a star rating. Not only does the star rating system help to remove pricing guesswork, but it aligns your skill with the right projects. The higher the star rating, the more complex and visible the projects, and the higher the pay. Most freelancers start on the platform at a lower star level and work their way up from there. Get more details on how our star rating system works by checking out this video.

Transcription of Video

Our star rating system helps to remove pricing guesswork and align your skill with project complexity and visibility. 

The 6-star rating is the highest level at WriterAccess, earned and awarded to our top performing freelancers. Six-star projects have more complexity, higher visibility, and require advanced skills and proficiency, like white papers with tons of research. Not a three-line description of how bubble wrap works. 

Pricing, however, is managed between you and the client, and you can accept or request more pay for a project. 

We review ratings and performance regularly and after a certain number of orders are completed. And you can expect your star ratings to improve by delivering quality work that makes your clients dance. 

You can also expect your star ratings to fall by dropping orders or making your clients cry. But our team does manually review your work and all the notes, tickets and disputes with each review.