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When and how do I get paid with WriterAccess?

We pay twice per month here at WriterAcces, currently through PayPal. ACH payments are also coming soon, for faster payments and lower fees, requested by opt-in freelancers.

Freelancers can also request instant withdrawals at any time for a flat rate $7 fee to cover our costs.

All approved assignments are tallied up on the 4th and 19th day of the month, covering orders that were submitted by the end of the preceding half-month (this allows ample time for the previous period's items to be approved by clients).

Once tallied, we transfer your required funds to PayPal for processing, which can take a few days on PayPal's end. Freelancers are typically paid out between the 7th and 9th for those pieces submitted before the end of the previous month, and between the 22nd and 24th for those pieces submitted by the 15th.

We say typically, but it may take longer due to all the moving pieces. We rely on a slow ACH transfer into PayPal, where PayPal quotes three to five business days, and the transfer may technically finish as late as the 11th and 26th, exclusive of holidays.

Sometimes long client approval times or editorial workflow may cause an assignment to not be approved by the time payments are disbursed. Those orders will roll into the subsequent payout batch.