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How does the order review, selection, delivery process work?

Once you log in to, you'll have full access to the platform and Available Orders for review. An order is claimed by clicking “View” and then “Checkout this Order.”

We have a checkout rule which states that a freelancer has one hour to review the instructions on an order to determine whether or not they can complete it. If the order is unreserved past the one-hour grace period, a penalty may be applied.

All order cancellations beyond the one-hour grace period are reviewed by WriterAccess, and potentially penalized as a "dropped order" which can result in a star rating reduction or termination of your account.

Freelancers are expected to only claim assignments they are qualified to complete and are encouraged to reach out to the clients for clarification if there is a problem with the order details/instructions.

As noted, freelancers are also expected to submit the order by the deadline prescribed on the order. Extensions can be requested by you for approval, or even granted by customers on the order form when the order is placed. The customer can also specify that the order MUST be delivered on time, which you should really assume with each order you review and select for execution.

You will submit the content for customer review, within the deadline, by hitting the “Save and Submit” button at the bottom of the order form. Written content goes through Copyscape verification before it reaches the customer. The status of the order will then be changed to “Pending Approval” on your dashboard.


What does it mean if an order title is crossed out (strikethrough)?

If an order is crossed out (strikethrough) this means that another freelancer has already claimed the work. When the platform refreshes, the order will be removed.

It says I was approved for a Casting Call, now what?

If your casting call application shows as approved, it means you were added to the client’s Love List from that application. You may or may not be sent the order, but keep your eyes out for work.

I never received an order after an email stated one was coming my way?

This can happen for a few reasons.

If this is the customer’s first order, it will be put on hold until a member of our team reviews it. If this is the case, it would appear as Status: Under Review.

Customers may also edit or update an order after it's been launched, within a certain time limit, changing many variables. These may include the target freelancer, launch timeline, or type of order (Solo, Crowd, Love List, or Team). 

For either of these reasons or more, your notification might change and the order may no longer be available. You may confirm this by logging into your account to review new orders sent to you.


How does the one-hour grace period work for dropping orders?

You are granted a one-hour grace period to select then drop an order without any penalty. The period begins when an order is reserved and ends when you either continue to keep the order past the one-hour timeframe or release the order penalty-free.

We offer a grace period to give you the opportunity to carefully review the order details to ensure it aligns with your skill and interests.

How do I drop an order after the grace period ends, and how should I handle it?

To remove an in-progress order from your account, select “Cancel Reservation” at the bottom of the order page.

Leave a brief and professional note in the text box as to why you are unable to complete it. Talent Management reviews all orders dropped after the one-hour grace period.

If a customer requests that you release the order, you will not be penalized for the drop. An appropriate note, in this case, would be, “Released order at client’s request.” Our Talent Team will confirm the situation and exempt you from any penalty for the dropped order.


How do I submit a topic pitch to avoid "errors" displayed?

Writers have 24 hours to submit topic pitches, beginning when the order is reserved. Extensions for submitting topic pitches are not permitted.

The first thing to do if you are having trouble submitting your pitch is to confirm that you have included the title. There are two separate text boxes and it’s easy to miss. If you have confirmed that the pitch was input correctly, the next likely scenario is that the order expired before you could submit it. 

What do I do if the client misspelled the required keyword?

If a required keyword is misspelled, you can:

• Reach out to the client via message to clarify the correct intended spelling

• Include the exact word/phrase at the end of the order, so it is recognized by the system. Always alert the client via message so they understand why it’s there.

• Send a message to the client asking them if they’d be able to move the required keyword to optional, so you aren’t forced to include it in its misspelled state.

What does "Order Under Review" mean, and how long will it take?

Order Under Review means our team is reviewing the order for a number of reasons, delaying the release of the order to you or any freelancer. Reasons might include:

-- Customer's first order, reviewed for clarity and a number of other reasons

-- Customer flagged for previous problems

-- Account balance notifications that exceed credit limits

Our team is here to be sure that you don't waste your time trying to complete projects that are not clear on the requirements. 

Orders are typically reviewed within one business day. If an order is under review for an extended period of time, it’s likely that our team is working with the customer to find a resolution.




How does secondary proofing and editing of orders work?

Customers may request a proofreading or editing service with an order they place at WriterAccess, tagged for you to view when you select the order.

More recently we're requesting proofreaders or editors to rate the quality of your work for reference when your star rating reviews surface.

Editors and/or proofreaders are expected to make changes to improve grammar, punctuation, and spelling when necessary. And smooth out the tone and style to align with the brand's voice.

If the proofreader/editor concludes the instructions are not followed, they may reach out to you with questions before they begin the project.

We archive all changes for future reference and documentation of the work completed by the proofreader/editor.



An order was approved, but the customer requests revisions. What shall I do?

When an order is approved or auto-approved, it is considered complete and cued for payment. As such, the customer is no longer able to request revisions as per the terms of service.

Couple of notes worth mentioning here.

Orders have a specific period of time for revision requests before an order auto-approves: 7 days, 10 days, or 14 days, depending on their membership tier. 

Regarding strategy to manage the late request, you are certainly in the driver's seat with lots of options to consider. The request will come through your message box, and the first rule of etiquette is to respond to it promptly to avoid further frustration by the customer.

• Respond to the request that will come through your message box promptly, to avoid further frustration by the customer

• Clarify the revision requests by asking any questions or documenting a statement of work that you or someone else could follow.

• For revisions you agree to execute for NO fee given the customers situation and needs, big thanks to you and applause for your support.

• For revisions you agree to execute for a fee, explain the work and time required, and timeline for the requests. Pitch a fair fee for the work, and instruct the customer to send you a new order with the flat-rate project price or a lower price-per-word fee to accommodate the revisions.

• For revisions you simply must decline to execute, explain why you can't help at this time, but try to help the customer by offering any tips or advice if you can. This can include having them open a help desk ticket which you will do as well, alerting the WriterAccess team to swoop in and find another writer to make the changes.

Thanks for your great support, and let us know if we can help!


Customer is requesting academic work be created, is that allowed?

WriterAccess does not permit the solicitation of writers to produce content for academic purposes or for credit in an academic institution. If you notice an order that violates this point, please open a help desk ticket and let us know immediately.