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Can you explain how copyright works with customers, especially for orders requesting atttribution?

You, the freelancer, own the copyright to any work you create that is not approved and paid for by a WriterAccess customer.

If any content you create appears to have been prematurely published, please open a help desk ticket and we will research the infringement and resolve the violation.

Once an order is approved, the customer owns the copyright. They can make any changes to your work, and publish the work in any way they choose.

Customers may also request attribution with any 6-star order placed with you, subject to your approval upon securing the order for execution. Your approval allows the customer to use your headshot, full name, and a two to three-sentence bio. Such attribution protects the copyright of your work, prohibiting the customer from changing any of the copy without your permission.

Can you explain your price "split" and revenue sharing with projects and orders?

Freelancers earn 70% of the amount a customer pays for an order/project.

When you browse order for consideration, the payment listed on the orders is the actual amount you will earn upon content approval. The payments are the payouts to freelancers with the 30% fee for WriterAccess already deducted.

It can get tricky when customers suggest a price to you in the messaging system that may not reflect the 30% WriterAccess split with freelancers. Full transparency of pricing with both customers and freelancers helps to avoid problems.


How much will I make and how are pay rates determined?

Some freelancers achieve all their income goals for the year in the WriterAccess platform, completing a steady stream of projects with clients that keep coming back for more.

Other freelancers look to the platform for part-time work without the ability to service clients for the long haul.

Here’s a quick summary of the pay rates by star level—something we initially assign to you based on your experience that can improve over time with performance and customers reviews:

2 Star Orders pay 2 cents per word for writers, $25 per project for designers

3 Star Orders pay 4 cents per word for writers, $35 per project for designers

4 Star Orders pay 6 cents per word for writers, $45 per project for designers

5 Star Orders pay 8 cents per word for writers, $55 per project for designers

6 Star Orders pay 10 cents to $2 or more per word, $100 to $200 or more per project for designers

If you submit more words than the order prescribes, you will not be paid for the additional words. And you cannot submit less than the minimum words with each order.

Customers submit orders with specifications and suggested pay, and you decide if the pay is fair.

If so, you agree to the terms and get paid when delivered/approved. Clients can and should increase the pay for projects that require additional research, industry expertise, or other editorial complexities.

If a client uses our crowd order form, the pay is 10% less than our standard pay-per-word rates above.

We offer this discount to help new freelancers put their skills to the test and build profitable relationships with customers in the platform.

Best of all, we pay the best rates to freelancers, with you earning 70% on the payment amount for orders, conference calls, bonuses, and more. We do charge customers a monthly membership fee to access the platform, and a small transaction fee of 70 cents for each order.

How do taxes work, especially California Residents with the new AB5 law?

WriterAccess is a platform-as-a-service and software provider, connecting customers directly with freelancers for marketing assignments in the platform.

WriterAccess is not your employer, or responsible for what you do, how or when you do it, or tax filings for the work you perform in the platform for customers you choose to service.

Instead, you and all the freelancers that choose to use the platform are independent contractors, subject to the laws, terms and conditions of the state in which you reside as well as the federal government.

Because we process all payments to the independent contractors that use the WriterAccess Platform through PayPal, PayPal will be providing each freelancer the 1099-K information yearly, as per the laws, and their terms and conditions for each payee in their payment processing platform.

New and existing California freelancers using the WriterAccess platform are best served, for their own benefit, to follow action to continue onward with our software service.

EIN Business Registration: All California residents must register a business with the appropriate local, city and/or state government. Once you properly make your business filing, you can then go the IRS website to secure an Employment Identification Number, confirming your business is registered and in good standings with the IRS to properly prepared to pay taxes. Once you receive your EIN from the government, you’ll need to upload your EIN to WriterAccess, securely saved in our database for reference.

California freelancers will no longer be required to sign a new business agreement with WriterAccess confirming that you and your business are in good standing with appropriate filings. However, the landscape may change once again, so look for any updates moving forward.

Regarding payments, what if I did not sign up with my PayPal email address?

No worries. You can specify the PayPal payment email separately from your WriterAccess Login email, or use the same email. The choice is yours.

For orders requesting pricing, can I propose a rate higher than my star rating?

For most orders, your star rating will align with the price a customer is willing to pay for an order or project.

However, customers may request pricing from freelancers on an Order or Casting Call. 

Pricing in all cases, regardless of your star rating, should align price with the work's complexity, visibility, skill requirements, and research required for success.

All our freelancers are in the driver's seat to accept orders, reject orders or request additional pay. Your star rating does not prohibit you from requesting an additional fee. Instead, the customer must then either accept your counter offer for services or find another writer to perform the work.


How long do customers have for approvals on orders/projects?

Customer member's tiers determine the maximum approval time allocated to each user on their account They may have 7, 10 or 14 days for approvals.

During the approval interval, customers have the opportunity to request revisions with the freelancer. When the freelancer again submits their content for approval, the customer’s approval time is reset to their designated approval day allocation.

In general, orders are reviewed for approval or revision requests within a few days, with few customers using more than a week of their allocation.

Larger enterprise customers may require more time for approval from multiple stakeholders.