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Marie strives to increase website visits and conversion rates by creating and implementing custom content strategies. Her digital marketing strategies revolve around the identification of industry-specific keywords and creation of search engine optimized, or SEO, content.

Before she can do that, she completes an informative content audit and competitive analysis. Only then can she identify their core strategy and move on in completing their content marketing goals.

Her efforts help small businesses engage with their target audiences and convert their site visits into sales. Through every phase of this process, she always offers the best quality of service and support to her valued clients.
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Marie specializes in bringing brands to life and helping them achieve all their content marketing goals. She digs down into their history to create engaging tales of their inception, purpose, and community connections. Her storytelling skills help clients connect with each of the brands and see them as allies driven to help them solve their most-pressing issues.

To help her clients achieve their marketing goals, Marie first looks at their existing web presence through a revealing content audit. After that, she researches all the most relevant keywords for each brand to see just what their clients are searching for.

Then, she uses that research to create keyword maps that identify just where to use each word or phrase to best drive people to the website. Through that process, she comes up with the webpages and blogs that would best serve each brand to optimize their presence on the web.

Using the strategic vision she created, Marie can write up all of the content using the most effective SEO practices of the time. Once all the right elements are in place, she keeps an eye on how the content performs and notes where to make adjustments in the future.

Every step of the way, she always keeps her ear to the ground to learn about changes in the world of content strategy, SEO, and search marketing. She knows just how fast this industry changes and knows how important it is to keep up.


Marie loves to dig into the story and heart of every brand she serves. She likes to see what makes the company tick and how they support their clients with quality products and services. Then, she uses that information to support their efforts in driving visitors to their websites and boosting engagement with their brands. She serves brands across many industries, including automotive, hobby, home improvement, and pet care.

Whenever she has a free moment in the day, she heads outdoors with her Australian cattle dog and border collies. As a lifelong automotive enthusiast, she also spends a lot of time caring for and upgrading her cars. She always looks forward to a trip to the junkyard to look for the missing bits and pieces her vehicles need.

And when she is not working, playing outside with her dogs, or enjoying her rad-era and classic vehicles, she is at the local RC track running her electric RC cars. She also paints her own RC car bodies and adds fun embellishments, including working hoods, engine bays, and exhaust pipes.


Green River Community College

In order to keep her education costs down, Marie completed her first two years at a local community college. She earned all her general education credits, and then completed the courses needed for her Associate in Arts - Transfer degree. She graduated with a high GPA and was accepted at her university of choice, Washington State University.

Washington State University

Marie finished her last two years of college at Washington State University as an online student. She studied anthropology, philosophy, and English to better understand people all around the world and perfect her writing style.


1,000 Projects Completed

Marie has a passion for accelerating the success of companies in the automotive world. She utilizes her direct knowledge and expertise to craft content strategy plans and SEO articles that propel automotive websites to the top of search results pages.

Her content helps educate readers about the importance of performing timely maintenance and repairs on modern and classic vehicles. Auto repair and sales businesses can directly engage with their target audience with Marie on their side.


800 Projects Completed

Marie passionately promotes the success of animal trainers and behaviorists, rescues, and shelters in their endeavors. She also serves clients in the pet food, treat and toy industries. She has a knack for creating webpages and articles that help these entities attract visitors to their sites and keep the conversation going with their current client base.


3,200 Projects Completed

Marie focuses on producing high quality articles centered around topics specific to her clients’ industries. Her articles speak to each audience’s pain points and offer strategic resolutions for the identified problems. The articles always include high performance keywords that help drive traffic to the blogs and websites she oversees.

Web Page

500 Projects Completed

Marie frequently produces informative and engaging webpages for her clients. From the introductory home page to the action-oriented contact page, her content draws visitors across the entire site. She weaves industry-specific keywords into the content to naturally increase search engine rankings. The websites she serves easily surpass the competition due to her effective webpage creation strategy.

Newsletter Content

400 Projects Completed

Through the production of timely newsletter content, Marie strives to keep her clients relevant in their applicable industries. Her content is always easily readable and engaging to keep the dialogue flowing from month to month. She focuses on emulating each company’s established voice and approach to create polished publications for every one of her valued clients.

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