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Big Thinking Creator, Copywriter with 20+ Years Working Across Product, Content, and Digital Marketing Strategy Creation and Delivery

Daniel has managed digital product delivery, worked with virtual agile teams, and written content in various formats. He has planned, contributed, and managed content marketing strategies under a number of brands. Some his own. Many of his clients.

Daniel is a professional copywriter and marketing strategist trained by American Writers & Artists, Inc. (AWAI), DigitalMarketer.com, and Copyblogger.com. He has a growing list of certifications related to product, project, content marketing, and copywriting skills.

User Experience Design (UXD)
• User Research & Business Analysis
• Process Mapping & Wireframing
• Prototyping & Usability Testing

Product Management (agile)
• Business & Product Strategy
• User, Technical, & Product Management
• Team Leadership & Agile Coaching
• Product Marketing Enablement

Industry Associations
• Direct Response Copywriting (AWAI)
• Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)
• Product Marketing and Management (AIPMM)

Daniel is what you call a “T-Shaped Copywriter”. Introduced first by Digital Marketer, this approach works well to define Daniel’s collection of content marketing skills and past experiences.

A T-Shaped Copywriter has a broad horizontal understanding of all manner of digital product and content strategy. These skills include project management, virtual team management, digital product management, agile product development, digital marketing, and direct response copywriting.

These items form the horizontal portion of the T while the vertical topics dive deeper into core skills associated with email copy, SEO, customer value optimization, and copywriting.

Daniel has direct work experience, special training, and several certifications across the broader scope of digital and content marketing.
High Tech
Press Release
Web Development
Search Marketing
Email Copy
Web Page
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Boosting Revenues with Effective Content Marketing Strategies

As a Marketing Director, Demand Manager, Content Manager, Chief Revenue Officer, or whatever your title may be… If you’re putting off aspects of your content marketing plans due to resourcing constraints or team skillsets, you’re doing a disservice to your business.

Daniel’s full package of copywriting and strategy services will produce a content marketing campaign that produces predictable revenue with a systematic approach . We will pull in the marketing assets you already have within your company and combine them with what you may need to outsource.

Coaches Trainers, Thought-Leaders, and Industry Experts

If you’ve ever written a book, given a presentation, or consider yourself an expert in something that you know enough about to train someone else, Daniel would love to help you gain the exposure you deserve.

Daniel partners and networks with industry experts in various fields so that he can tackle any and all of content marketing needs. This gives you, the brilliant thinkers, experts, and trainers, more time to teach while Daniel takes care of content and strategy creation.

Clean and High Tech Companies

Daniel excels at working with those companies who make clean technology their focus. By clean tech, he’s referring to companies that deal with services, products, software, or other technology that drives environmental improvements and social responsibility.

These companies are an asset both to the environment and their respective industries. Daniel really appreciates the opportunity to help them thrive and reach their goals. He hopes that you are indeed one of these companies.

Daniel foresees an extremely bright future for the clean-tech industry. The signs are everywhere. The problems are clear. The solutions are coming on fast and the funding is furious.

Renewable Energy: Solar, Wind, and Water Resources

Renewable energy is a major growth industry. Daniel first got involved in solar back in 2006. Boy, he certainly has experienced changes in consumer awareness and industry expansion. We are nowhere finished yet. Actually, we are just getting started.

As the World realizes the importance of renewable energy, there’s nothing but growth and expansion ahead. Daniel cherishes the opportunity to work with these innovative companies who want to help bring a better future to us all.

Digital Products, Software, and Agile Development

Daniel has worked across user experience design, product management, and agile software delivery for over 20 years. He’s well-versed in high tech, web, cloud, and SaaS technologies.

Daniel’s strategies ensure client success by:
• Producing excellent content that your prospects love consuming,
• Optimizing sales funnels for high conversion rates,
• Reducing the gap between product marketing and potential buyers,
• Improving customer service through increased value and support,
• Adding to market alignment, communication, and performance,
• Leveraging experts, content marketing, and value optimization to improve your bottom line, and
• Ensuring your product and content marketing programs deliver.

Daniel can start helping you and your content marketing efforts reach their full revenue potential. Contact Daniel to learn more or to discuss your project needs.


Mayville State University

From the Mayville State University website...

"We're here to give students a chance to prove themselves. College is often the difference between dreaming and doing. And at Mayville State University, we believe that every student – whether they're coming from high school or attempting to climb higher on the corporate ladder – deserves the opportunity to be his or her best. We grant that opportunity by supporting students with experienced, compassionate faculty, the latest learning environments, and a welcoming atmosphere that encourages self-expression and educational exploration."

Web Development

100 Projects Completed

Daniel S. had a deep level of understanding and what it takes to move web development projects through all the necessary workflow. From creating simple hobby websites to enterprise platforms that are the cornerstone of fortune 100 companies, Daniel has live Internet technologies for his whole career. His team once developed 75 website is just over 45 days for a client contract. Now, that is true teamwork and efficient workflows.

Search Marketing

25 Projects Completed

Daniel S. experience in search marketing involves many years in user experience design and website development. The effective plan and execution of a search marketing strategy takes time to execute and an eye on the long term objectives. Once in place and funded, search marketing and the resultant organic rankings for your company's content can pay for themselves over and over again for years to come.


25 Projects Completed

Daniel S. has experience with software planning, design, and development from the days of locally operated desktop applications to the cloud-hosted, shared applications of today. Mixing in skills related to business analysis, user experience design, agile product delivery, and copywriting, Daniel understands the ins and outs of enterprise software development.


15 Projects Completed

Daniel S. has experience working on large, enterprise Software as a Service (SaaS) products. In 20 years, we have experienced many changes and truly amazing innovations in the technology of the Internet and the delivery of digital products. Nothing as amazing as the era of Cloud-Computing and distributed websites and applications. Putting data to the cloud, crowdsourcing your development, and having a completely Global, virtual team are just the nature of building digital products now. Daniel has lived through the time of desktop software applications to the cloud-managed infrastructures of today.


10 Projects Completed

Daniel S. has a broad base of marketing and in particular digital marketing experience. Through existing project work for my own efforts or those of his clients, Daniel has worked on digital marketing campaigns for 15 years or more. Some strategies and tactics have changed over the years. The one aspect of digital marketing that is certainly not slowing down - the pace of change and domains of understanding are increasing. No longer can a digital marketer only know one thing or another about marketing. Now one must understand a very broad base from strategy, to content marketing, to analytics, to product creation, to email marketing, and much more, while also being very deep in ones knowledge and proficiency in specific skills such as copywriting and content marketing strategy execution.

High Tech

10 Projects Completed

Daniel S. work experience and personal interest brought him through all manners of high tech related projects. Clients building SaaS platforms to manage greenhouse gases and enterprise energy usage to hardware interfaces to control equipment at the touch of a button, are all pieces of Daniel's background. Generally, interested in all manner of high tech, he was also part of the team who created a completely self-tighten shoe. Just slip it on, tilt your toe up, and pull backwards on your heel. The shoe would tighten itself.


5 Projects Completed

Daniel S. comes to the mobile application development space from a user experience and product management perspectives. Having managed teams of product, UXD, and agile delivery teams to develop and deploy large, enterprise mobile apps, Daniel understands how to move the work through the agile development process. Less focused on copywriting and more on helping to create apps, Daniel's understanding of these inner workings will no doubt lead to content that instructs, inspires, and persuades prospects should they be interested in a companies mobile product or related services.

Blog Post

75 Projects Completed

Blog post is a content type focused on entertaining, conversational in tone, or opinion-based in the presentation. Blog posts are usually less formal than their cousins the article, yet they have a very strategic place in all content marketing strategies.

Facebook Post

50 Projects Completed

Facebook post is a content type delivered via Facebook as a quick comment or post in a persons personal stream or as a longer piece as a company update. Facebook posts can be educational, entertaining, informal, or formal in nature. A company can leverage Facebook posts as sponsored content to drive awareness to a content marketing effort. Often Facebook advertising and the sponsoring of an existing post is the fastest way to drive awareness to your company, brand, content, or product and services.

Email Copy

25 Projects Completed

Email copy is a content type that leverages the personal, one-on-one nature of email to connect more directly with prospects and customers. Leveraged correctly, email copy can become an automated machine that nurtures, sells, and supports prospects and customers completely in the background while a company focuses on activities that require human interactions.

Web Page

25 Projects Completed

Web page is a content type delivered online within a website for the specific purpose of bringing awareness of a product or service offering to the attention of a prospect. They are educational or informational in nature. They have the objective of capturing attention enough to move the prospect along the customer value journey a step or two by engaging attention or convert a prospect into a lead via the use of a ethical bribe.


10 Projects Completed

Article is a content type focused more on topic research, information aggregation, and presentation of facts and figures to educate or inform the prospect.

Press Release

10 Projects Completed

Press release is a content type that adheres to a more formal structure related to journalism or the announcement of a product offering, company achievement, or some other newsworthy information. Not as use in digital marketing strategies today, they do still have great importance to a well rounded backlinking strategy from high authority websites.


5 Projects Completed

Ebooks are a content type that is longer in length, similar to a white paper, but yet different in the formality and level of research dedicated to the content creation. Ebooks leverage storytelling and other engagement tactics to weave educational, instructional, or entertaining content around a core product or service offering. Delivered in a digital format, ebooks are distributed widely across the Internet, sometimes for free and often packaged into a robust content marketing strategy.


5 Projects Completed

Video scripts is a content type focused on putting to words the delivery of a presentation, video training, or other on-camera piece of content. Video scripts are usually delivered via a teleprompter so that the presenter has written queues, details written down, and a well-defined structure to follow during their on screen time. A good video script can mean the different between a viral video and a horrible flop.

White Paper

5 Projects Completed

White paper is a content type that has 10 to 15 pages and a word count around 5,000. White papers are well researched and contributed to by a cross-section of a company. They are a key sales tool to help educate prospects on the challenges they face while drawing a direct connection to a product or service a company offers.

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