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Rene's experience as a news reporter and web editor before moving into digital and social media and public relations gives her a well-rounded skill set to understand and strategize full-funnel marketing programs.
She's sharpened many skills throughout her career, such as quick research and comprehension, technical digital skills, and leadership aptitude. In contrast, her writing experience – digital marketing – blogging – social media – influencer management – SEO – advertising enables her to collaborate effectively across platforms and teams. This background allows her to understand and develop thoughtful, comprehensive strategies, no matter the goal or organization.
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Some of the organizations she's worked with include
• Major consumer products
• Non-profits
• Entrepreneurs
• Law firms
• Restaurant chains
• Ford Motor Co.
• Consulting firms
• Newspapers and magazines


Rene has a diverse area of interest in business, digital marketing, technology, health and wellness, travel, and many others.
As a former reporter and avid lifelong learner, she enjoys researching new topics and applying newfound information.


100 Projects Completed

Rene has 15 years of experience creating content for cross-channel performance that generates awareness, furthers education, evokes consideration, and drives conversion through the consumer journey.
She had worked across industries and disciplines, bringing together strategies and developing stronger marketing plans to achieve the utmost success for every plan she's part of.

Blog Post

100 Projects Completed

With roots in the new industry, understanding how good content is created and should perform is in Rene's blood. Because she has worked both in-house, in publishing, and at consulting firms and agencies, she is well-versed in developing blog content that engages readers.

Press Release

100 Projects Completed

Rene excels in understanding what content performs best depending on your objective and a press release is one part of that puzzle.
Each piece of content should serve a function and drive your user into a deeper engagement, understanding, or action with your organization.
She'll apply her 15 years of experience to ensure that the time and money you invest in your content is well spent.

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