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Kyle combines technical expertise with years of marketing experience to create cohesive campaigns. His wide range of skills includes everything from SEO Analytics for $1 billion eCommerce solutions to web development in a variety of industries, giving him unique perspectives to give your campaigns an edge over competitors.
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He spends most of his time with his family, including a rambunctious toddler and dachshund. He also enjoys space and sci-fi.


Ashworth College


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Kyle has a wide range of experience when it comes to Appliances and related items, including maintaining a strategy that spans thousands of appliance and part related products, the planning and execution of article/blog campaigns, newsletter content structuring, and more.

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10 Projects Completed

Kyle oversees the product descriptions and content for a catalog of nearly 100,000 products for an eCommerce store generating $1 billion in yearly revenue. Beyond that, he has also worked on smaller product description projects, including a site for listing purebred puppies and events for a large-scale theater.

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