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Stan recently won “Corporate Branding Campaign of the Year” (for PepsiCo’s Sabra brand), with Pivotal besting the three largest global strategy, branding and communications behemoths--WPP, Omnicom and Interpublic.

He distills and amplifies the essence of a business case and makes it resonate to relevant audiences. Stan’s hallmark is to synopsize concise, compelling stories for individuals, brands and issues, then launch global media firestorms that propel their viral spread.

What else in Pivotal’s “secret sauce” recipe outflanks the big boys?

Stan innately displays the uncanny ability to uncover the inherent but previously unrecognized strengths that a brand, company or client possesses, then elevates those strengths with the authentic bona fides they’ll require to produce the results they desire. And, yes, brands have bona fides, too.

Stan consistently adds definition to brands and issues and adeptly clarifies their evolving market perceptions. He’s used this part of the recipe to quickly transform custom content strategy for Time, Inc.’s Fortune, Guggenheim Media’s the Hollywood Reporter and technology innovation’s Red Herring into lead generation, advertising, and multiple stream revenue growth juggernauts.

A trailblazing brand and market profiler in the pursuit and delivery of winning outcomes, Stan extends the notion of the typical Strategist: He reshapes prevailing perceptions to meet client objectives, monitoring the shifting gestalt for messaging and communications traction everywhere and anywhere.

He keeps his eye on the ball, relentlessly follows it where others are not or will not go---and is unafraid to head directly to where they cannot.
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Stan practices four styles of yoga--Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative and Iyengar--at home and at festivals around the world. He is equally comfortable living with the indigenous tribes in the mountains of Burma and hiking through the countryside to a fancy bed and breakfast by Inle Lake. He loves road trips.


University of Texas


3 Projects Completed

Introduce and mainstream digital content focusing on cutting edge Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Philanthropy Issues Advocacy for traditional and digital-driven media. Monetize and evergreen through Technology & Innovation, Publishing, Consumer Packaged Goods, Trade Councils, and Entertainment industries with brand alliances and partnerships.


Launched Sustainability (i.e., Corporate Social Responsibility) as an emerging revenue stream, re-energizing and eventually, re-setting, the publication's moribund Fossil Fuel, Automobile, and CPG revenue streams, by segmenting Environment, Renewable and Alternative Energies, and Corporate Governance in editorial and custom content.


Introduced a "Where Giving Is Going in Hollywood" narrative into a profitable business model--and one of its most highly sought after editorial franchise issues--for the leading show business trade, currently in its 16th revenue-generating year around the philanthropy in the entertainment industry theme.


Chronicled the rise of a "Venture Philanthropy Begins to Grow Up" narrative during the economically challenging and society-sensitive environment post-9/11, congealing its corporate support base around digital and print content as a new revenue stream for technology's leading business and innovation publication.

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100 Projects Completed

Stan’s hallmark is to synopsize concise, compelling narratives for brands and issues, then to launch media firestorms that propel their viral spread. It all begins with the well-crafted, precisely-written press release.


15 Projects Completed

Stan consistently adds definition to brands and issues and adeptly clarifies their evolving market perceptions through editorial content.

He writes influencer and opinion-maker features and think pieces that resonate with relevant audiences.


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