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Lex has worked with many successful startups and established businesses to create content that generates sales. He uses two keys to create all content: tell the brand story (and tell it well) & build a relationship. Consumers make purchases based off of interest & trust. Interest comes from a well-executed brand story, and trust comes from answering the right questions and solving the right problems for the consumers in a particular audience.
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Lex is a skilled writer enamored with storytelling. His first loves are film and fiction, but his interests expand beyond these to art and design, storytelling through marketing, and the art of movement - fitness and health. When he's not creating, he's climbing in the Shenandoah mountains with his wife and daughter, training on obstacle courses and in his favorite parkour gym, or practicing handstands and gymnastics. He's an avid reader, and you can always find him at the coffee shop with a book big enough for weight training.


Belhaven University


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Lex has worked with gyms and trainers to educate people about the benefits of fitness as well as teaching more about different practices. As a gymnast and traceur, Lex has spent lots of time in different kinds of gyms working with all types of training, and his writing reflects this familiarity.

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Lex has written numerous blogs for industries ranging from film education to CGI and graphic design. Beyond the basics of market research and keyword strategy, Lex focuses on connecting the target audience with the brand story to make lasting impressions.

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Creating lead magnets and white papers is key to connecting with new leads and creating valuable relationships. Lex has written high-converting white papers that help potential leads find answers to the questions they need while at the same time pointing them towards the solutions your business offers.

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