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As the Strategic Interventionist, Mark is dedicated to extracting the most practical and effective forms of strategic action and communication from a variety of disciplines to achieve organizational and cultural interventions for his clients. Mark is a senior level executive with a track record for propelling organizations to their next level of profitable achievement.

Having led and grown several entrepreneurial businesses at the streetwise real-world level, most of Mark's methods were born of necessity and innovation, tested in-the-field under looming deadlines, not found in textbooks.
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Mark enjoys helping people and it's because of his genuine love for people he is able to bring out positive, personal and cultural change. When not developing strategies and public speaking, Mark enjoys playing guitar, reading, and producing wine. Yes, producing wine. Mark also owns MelMar Wines a Napa Valley winery.


University of Phoenix


8,500 Projects Completed

Mark Allan P.'s comprehensive strategic marketing and customer journey strategies across all forms of digital media.


3 Projects Completed

Mark Allan P. was instrumental in helping General Motors (GM) from 2007-2010 lead their Global Web Strategy and Web Platform initiative. Mark developed and deployed "A tested automotive shopping experience" combining central brand management + digital marketing that drove a Brand Controlled Digital Marketing opportunity across regions/local markets.

High Tech

2 Projects Completed

Mark Allan P. was instrumental in developing the strategy and product launch for one of the first analytics solutions with a fully advanced insights engine and a human algorithm methodology that brings a level of depth and understanding to data that has not been achieved before now.

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8,500 Projects Completed

Mark Powers will be able to help you leverage Paid Search Engine Marketing to help you achieve your business goals.


7,200 Projects Completed

Mark Allan P. will create your online advertising strategy tying the campaign spend back to specific business goals like traffic conversions, lead generation and customer acquisition, and to specific ad networks that will target the right portions of the market.

Email Copy

6,700 Projects Completed

Before Mark Allan P. plans an email campaign for his clients, he builds a solid strategy and defines his client's objectives -- for example, the number of leads you expect to generate, your ROI, etc.

Here are some examples:
- Lead generation
- Facilitate sales
- Training
- Lead qualification
- Build customer relationships
- Move existing prospects forward
- Share news
- Branding

Web Page

6,500 Projects Completed

Mark Allan P. plans each step of a new website project, starting with initial needs to architecture, content, design, development and budget.


3,500 Projects Completed

Mark has written thousands of articles over his career and continues to write and guide clients with their content needs.

Newsletter Content

2,775 Projects Completed

Email newsletters are a great way to generate new leads, nurture existing leads, maintain relationships with current customers and cross-promote other marketing initiatives. A good email newsletter program takes thorough planning just like any other campaign.

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100 Projects Completed

Mark Allan P. will develop a comprehensive Social Media strategy to include:
Build brand awareness
Interact directly with customers and the market
Launch promotions
Distribute news
Generate leads
Monitor competitors
Build links
Connect with thought-leaders
Establish thought-leadership
Gather market research
Find out how the market perceives you
Facilitate sales

Blog Post

50 Projects Completed

Blogging can be an effective way to build thought-leadership, increase website traffic, build brand awareness, generate leads, and improve search engine visibility. Setting up a blog is easy, but creating an active and engaging blog is more challenging. Mark Allan P. helps his clients run successful blogs, which requires a strong objective, adherence to a content generation and posting schedule, an outreach program to connect with readers, promotion of blog posts, and general technical maintenance.

Twitter Post

10 Projects Completed

Mark has develop strategies, campaigns, and content that has generated strong engagement and conversions for his clients. His social media strategies are designed to increase the size of your Twitter community with targeted relevant followers who are interested in what you Tweet.

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