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Casey believes that the best marketing communications start with strategic thinking and listening. He uses a system thinking approach to help businesses create adaptive content strategies that can thrive in a rapidly changing environment. Casey works closely with leaders and influencers in organizations to help them clarify, deepen and articulate their respective organization's

*truthful story (vision, mission, and culture)
*target audiences and target audiences' needs

Casey then works with these organizations to determine what content their audience wants to see and when, where and how they want to see it. Finally, he helps the organization plan, develop, manage, promote, test, analyze/report, and optimize their content to constantly improve it and to develop the capacities they need to support it.

Casey's content strategy approach is informed by over ten years of executive sales and marketing experience (online and offline) and over 15 years of experience in education consulting, professional development and classroom teaching. He has led small to large companies to increasing their market share, revenues and profits; and he has led school districts, schools, teachers and students to achieving key educational outcomes.
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Casey's professional interests include working with businesses that are genuinely trying to make a positive difference in the world. He is particularly interested in helping organizations that are introducing disruptive innovations into their field or industry. He is passionate about education and the arts — he is an avid learner and a skilled dancer — and thoroughly enjoys working with companies aiming to enrich the mind (cognitive and emotional), body and soul of others. As a Christian, Casey strives to follow Christian ethics in all of his business practices.


St. John's Graduate Institute


100 Projects Completed

Casey has created, delivered and presented original content to teams of educators throughout NM to help them improve their teaching and their students' learning (e.g., online and live training modules, customized lessons, newsletters, effective practice briefs, webinars, webcasts and proposals).

Real Estate

3 Projects Completed

Casey worked with Dream Property Group, a former luxury real estate firm in New York City, to conceptualize and create a series of pitch packs related to their key services. Casey also worked closely with Northern Colorado Realtors in Berthoud, CO, to conceptualize and develop their website to reflect their neighborly but expert approach to real estate in their region. Furthermore, Casey has provided strategic consultation to a luxury real estate firm in South Carolina to help guide a few of its critical decisions regarding its content strategy.

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1,000 Projects Completed

Casey has led a multitude of businesses in diverse industries to communicate effectively and build mutually valued relationships with their target audiences through blog articles. Casey has project managed the development of hundreds of blog articles for clients by

*vetting writers;
*creating editorial briefs and calendars;
*establishing content goals, KPIs, metrics, targets, audience personas;
*analyzing content results and discovering actionable insights to help optimize future content;
*aligning content with a business's content strategy; and
*collaborating with SEO, social media and paid search teams to promote key content.

Casey has also written premium blog articles for select clients.


19 Projects Completed

Service: Vision & Mission Statements, Communications Strategy

Casey has guided various organizations in establishing, clarifying, strengthening and articulating their vision and mission statements and communications strategy. Recently, Casey has worked with
*Sonoco ThermoSafe, a unit of Sonoco (NYSE: SON) and a leading global provider of temperature assurance packaging, to refine its internal vision and mission.
*Think Like a Genius Foundation, a non-profit organization, to further refine its vision and mission and audience to improve its offline communications with various stakeholders.
*Various other company's such as Barney's Gourmet Hamburgers, a local California favorite and franchise of 9 restaurants, to help it define and articulate its vision, mission, audiences, messaging; strengthen its organizational culture; and improve its communications internally and into the market.


3 Projects Completed

Services | Strategy and Project Management of Instructional Videos and E-Learning Courses

Casey's extensive experience in education -- which includes classroom teaching, instructional design, evaluation, and professional development -- and in content strategy have uniquely positioned him to create instructional videos and e-learning courses that are educational and marketable. Casey has created a series of instructional videos for Apex Evaluation's afterschool clients. He has recently led the instructional design and content strategy and project managed the development of an e-learning course for Sonoco ThermoSafe. The e-learning course is part of their TAP (Temperature Assurance Packaging) Certification Program, the first of its kind in the industry.

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