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Cindy L
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We have entered a unique dynamic of shift where transformational change is altering our communications. While it is critical to adjust to dynamic algorithms, at the same time we must also be willing to experiment with our strategic methods and means of delivery. The scope and range of interactive tools grow rapidly. The fragmenting of social media, like television, is inevitable. It is through a heightened understanding of consumer trends, client needs, business goals, and intention that we successfully refine strategy.

Cindy has deep evolution experience in the development of unique key message strategies that create enduring personal connections. Throughout her career, she has worked in public relations, social media, employee engagement, brand development, brand management, crisis management, and change communications.

Cindy has worked in both B-2-B and B-2-C markets with large, mid-size, small, and start-up companies, products, and services, tactical and digital.

Her focus over the past five years has been in content development for the improved visibility or redeployment of websites with the specific goal of improving domain authority. Her comprehensive strategy includes content improvement (sometimes site relaunch) as well as social media, blogging, and direct marketing. Cross-promotion may often include local market tactics when appropriate.

In addition, Cindy has worked with clients to help them shift marketing goals during the pandemic, meet domestic supply chain needs, enter medical marijuana communications channels, mitigate political ethics issues, improve employee engagement, assist culture and paradigm shift, and establish leadership in the market.

Cindy is a published author and award-winning writer, marketer, and digital artist who graduated cum laude from the University of St. Thomas in Houston with a bachelor of liberal arts degree in communication.

Cindy has worked for Shell Oil, BP, McDermott, B&W, U.S. Navy, Pennzoil, Jiffy Lube, Technip, Chevron, ExxonMobil, Second Life, Linden Labs, Sky Orthodontics, Seth Ingram Performance Horses, Oceanic Butler, R360 Environmental Services, Total Safety, Manhattan Resources, YoHo Adventures, Tekapo Adventures, New Zealand Single Track Adventures, ArtCar Brand, WorldPoint, Precision Electronic Glass, Feedwind, Invisible Disabilities Association, American Heart Association, Naba Dental, Medtractions, C-Suite Network, Axis Pipeline, Nephros, PureColor, ShutterPulse, Photographypla.net, PlusFriends, Halliburton, IMG Sports, Ironside McDonald Intellectual Property, EvenAtom, eRoad, Luxe Appearance, Barbauld Agency, Bethel University, Fireplace Warehouse, Manuka Health.
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