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Keyword Map

Optimizing content for readers and the search engines starts by researching and selecting the best keywords, and organizing those keywords into topic groups that help writers drive performance.

This product offers the keyword research and recommendations, grouped by topic so you can hit the ground running with search engine optimization and performance goals.

Customer Journey

By mapping out the customers journey and documenting what your prospects and customers are experiencing in their journey, you can get the right content asset in front of the right people at the right time.

This product does all that, helping writers turn browsers into believers, and buyers into word-of-mouth marketers to grow your business.

Buyer Personas

Without a deep understanding of who your customers are, marketing fails in many ways. This product documents the details you need for success for up to 3 different buyer persona’s. Highlighting the characteristics and distinctions helps writers and marketers personalize content assets for different buyers to increase engagement, conversion and performance. The more data you can provide from your customer database, the better the buyer personas and boost for content performance.

Content Audit

To win the war of words on the web, you need to understand how your content stacks up with the competition, including quality, quantity, publishing frequency and performance. Only then can you craft content strategy to win the war. This product offers the answers, with hand-research that compares your content with your competition, helping capture mind share, and market share in the search engines.

Creative Brief

Learning about your goals, company, value proposition, writing style and target audience are critical for writers to create the kind of content that engage readers, and align with your brand. Writers need this information, and it can vary for each type of content asset you create. This product saves you tons of time developing the perfect creative brief.

Managed Services

You’re probably too busy running your business to keep the orders going and content flowing to your readers and fans.

This product gets a content strategist you hand select to do the heavy lifting each month, so you can run your business.