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Select from software tiers that feature advanced workflow tools designed for businesses and agencies. 

Managed Service

For businesses and agencies that are short on time and big on the fast track for content marketing performance.

Content pricing. Delight guaranteed.

Select from 2 Star to 6 Star pricing by the word, depending on your quality expectations, research requirements, and project complexity. Not delighted? Don't pay. Period.


Delight guaranteed. No-risk policy.


Content Quality

If you're not delighted with any order, request a revision. Still not delighted? Don't pay. Period.

Software Solutions

Upgrade or cancel your software subscription at any time, for any reason. Fast. Simple. Easy.

No Risk Policy

If you're not delighted for any reason within 30 days of a deposit, get an instant refund. Period.

sizzling service

Software solutions. Time-saving tools.

Select software that does in seconds what would take you hours or days. The more advanced your software, the easier it is to transform your business into a content marketing powerhouse.

sizzling service

Core features to find writers, place orders, and manage the workflow with ease.

No Yearly Fee

  • 1 USER
  • 5-Day Order Approval
  • $0.70/Order Fee
  • Access Writers Only


  • Simple Order Form
  • Place Writing Orders
  • Core Workflow Tools
  • Mobile App
  • Copyscape Original
  • Creative Briefs
  • API Integrations
    (14+ Partners)


Designed for brands that need time-saving features to manage the workflow.

Or Pay $399 Annually

Includes all BASIC

  • 3 USERS
  • 7-Day Order Approval
  • $0.70/Order Fee
  • Access All Talent
  • Conference Calling
  • Content Analytics
    (1 Domain)
  • Keyword Analytics
    (100 Keywords)
  • Getty Images
    (10MM, $6/Image)


  • Advanced Order Forms
  • Smart Match Me Up
  • Writing Style Contests
  • Voice Messaging
  • Topic Pitches
  • Bulk Order Imports
  • Spend Reports by User
  • User Permission Mgmt.
  • SpyFu Integration
    (Keyword Analytics)


Designed for professionals and agencies to manage content marketing at scale.

Or Pay $599 Annually

Includes all PLUS

  • 10 USERS
  • 10-Day Order Approval
  • No Order Fees
  • Access All Talent
  • Conference Calling
  • Content Analytics
    (5 Domains)
  • Keyword Analytics
    (500 Keywords)
  • GraphicStock Images
    (700K, $0/Image)


  • Customize Order Form
  • White Label Portal
  • Creative Brief Wizard
  • Analytics Reports
  • Multi-Client Features
  • Advanced Publishing
  • Spend Reports by Client
  • Client Permission Mgmt.
  • BuzzSumo Insights
    (Topic Analytics)


Designed for companies that need strategic solutions and performance-driving tools.

Or Pay $999 Annually

Includes all PRO

  • 14-Day Order Approval
  • No Order Fees
  • Access All Talent
  • Conference Calling
    (No Calling Fees)
  • Content Analytics
    (Unlimited Domains)
  • Keyword Analytics
    (1,000 Keywords)
  • VideoBlocks Videos
    (80K, $0/Video)


  • Customer Journey Mapper
  • Buyer Personas Builder
  • Keyword Mapper
  • BYO Freelancers
  • Contract Buyouts
  • Book Publishing
  • WriterAccess API
  • Custom Report Design
  • Cambridge University


API Integrations

Quickly set up API integration to publish approved content to any of our partners.

sizzling service

Managed services. Fly coach or private charter.

Fly coach to do-it-yourself and pay as you go. Or fly in luxury with one of our Managed Service options that give you the fast track to content marketing performance goals.

sizzling service


Pay as you go with live chat and help desk support to keep the orders going and flowing.

$0 Pre-Pay

Pay as You Go
Delight Guaranteed

What You Get

  • Help Desk Support
  • Live Platform Demos
  • Email Alerts

What You Do

  • Find Writers
  • Place Orders
  • Manage Workflow
  • Approve Content
  • API Integration Setup



Get the onboarding fast track and custom solution design with dedicated support.

$2,500 Pre-Pay

100% Applied to Orders
Everything in Coach

What You Get

  • Account Manager
  • Onboarding Program
  • Hand-Picked Talent
  • Customer Package Design
  • Platform Training

Fast Track Setup 

  • Advanced Software
  • Recurring Orders
  • Complex Projects
  • Custom Templates
  • API Integrations
  • Content Analytics
  • Keyword Analytics
  • Performance Reports




Get the agency fast track to white label solutions and API integration setup.

$3,000 Pre-Pay

100% Applied to Any Order
Everything in PLUS

What You Get

  • Agency Manager
  • Proofreading Service
  • Editing Service
  • Talent Management
  • Custom Solutions

Multi-Client Setup 

  • White Label Solutions
  • Performance Reports
  • Accounting Reports
  • Client Permissions
  • Keyword Analytics
  • Content Analytics
  • Branded Reports
  • Advanced Tools




Request a quote for outsourced services that deliver on performance goals.


Starting Monthly Fee
Contact Sales for Quote

What You Get

  • Content Manager
  • Topic Ideation
  • Strategy Service
  • Publishing Service
  • Strategy eTraining

Strategic Setup

  • Customer Journey Map
  • Buyer Personas
  • Keyword Map
  • Editorial Calendar
  • Complex Project
  • Bulk Order
  • Performance Reports
  • Volume Discount



Custom Solutions. Monthly programs.

Let us put your content marketing on autopilot with custom package design, workflow automation, and talent selection— all free!

SMART $275/Month

100% Applied to Orders
4 Blog Posts
500-750 Words/Post
30 Social Media Posts
4 Star Writer

EXPERT $549/Month

100% Applied to Orders
10 Blog Posts
500-750 Words/Post
60 Social Media Posts
5 Star Writer

GENIUS $1,099/Month

100% Applied to Orders
20 Blog Posts
500-750 Words/Post
120 Social Media Posts
6 Star Writer

STRATEGIST $1,550/Month

100% Applied to Orders
3 Pre-Defined Products
20 Blog Posts
120 Social Media Posts
6 Star Writer

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Managed Service Work?
Sign up for any of our managed service programs that require only pre-pay deposit, 100% applied towards future orders. You'll get a dedicated Account Manager to guide you along. And the pre-pay is backed with a no risk 30-day money back guarantee.

How does content pricing work?
Our pricing is simple: content orders are priced by the word. You choose the star level of the talent, which determines the price you pay. The higher the star level, the higher the expertise and the quality of work they deliver. Delight is always 100% guaranteed with each order.

How do I find the best talent?
Finding the perfect writer, editor, content strategist or translator is fast and easy.  Search by industry, skills, experience, and more. Choose the skill level you demand using our star rating system. The higher the star level, the more experience you demand. Need help finding talent or building a team? Go with managed service, and we'll hand-pick talent from our premium pool.

How are freelancers screened?
All of our freelance talent goes through hell to get from us to you. We hand review each application and administer rigorous online screening tests to confirm proficiency. Then our algorithmic star rating system kicks in to evaluate quality based on performance and customer reviews.

Can I keep using writers I love?
You sure can. You'll add your favorites to what we call a "Love List," building teams of writers you can depend on. You can send orders to individuals (solo), or to a team you create. Orders are picked up on a first-come, first-served basis, by only one writer on the list you select.

What can I order?
Order any kind of content you need: blog posts, website copy, articles, email copy, ads, social media posts, product descriptions, white papers, ghostwriting, editing orders, translation services, and much more.

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