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Presentation by WriterAccess CEO Hits Home at Conversion Conference

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Byron White's presentation, "Snap, Crackle and Pop Your Way to Conversion" hit home with his audience at the recent Conversion Conference in Boston.

October 3, 2013, Boston, MA: Byron White, founder of WriterAccess, a leading writing marketplace connecting customers with professional writers, recently returned from a presentation at the Conversion Conference Boston 2013. In a speech entitled, “Snap, Crackle and Pop Your Way to Conversion,” White motivated attendees to think about whether they are using marketing copy that snaps off the page. In this age of digital marketing and social media, White urged his audience to turn boring copy and mundane headlines into buzz saws that connect and convert.

Conversion Conference was named one of 2013's must-attend conferences by Under30CEO. Over 900 companies send marketing teams, web designers and executives to learn how to increase revenue and profit, generate leads and customers, and maximize marketing ROI. White’s presentation offered a methodology which showed clients how to utilize professional writers to pull off the snap, crackle and pop with writing.

“I wanted audience members to ask themselves whether there is a loud crackle when their product descriptions are read,” commented White. “Headlines need to be eye-popping magnets. Just like adding salt, pepper and secret spice to a favorite dish, content needs to be spiced up if you want it to convert. I gave the audience samples and provided actionable insights that will help their businesses grow organically—the content marketing way.”

Advice White offered for putting that snap, crackle and pop into content to improve conversions included writing a bad version of the copy yourself, then letting the professional writers go hog wild. He also suggested providing a creative brief to point writers in the right direction, setting intelligent budgets and pricing, providing great instructions, making wise revision requests, and rewarding writers smartly.

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