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WriterAccess Nominated for SBANE Innovation Award

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Matching Clients with Expert Writers Is a Winning Combination

April 10, 2013, Boston MA: WriterAccess, a Boston-based online portal that develops content marketing services and solutions, was recently recognized for its innovative approach to helping clients grow on the web when it was nominated to receive a SBANE Innovation Award. WriterAccess began as a unique way of connecting customers directly with writers who could help their business grow organically by providing high-quality content marketing services. The company’s overwhelming success in providing this service caught the attention of Nicholas A. Pappas, Vice President of MassVentures, who submitted the original nomination for the award.

SBANE (Smaller Business Association of New England), a private, not-for-profit association created in 1938, has almost 800 member companies located throughout New England. Its mission is “Enabling successful growth through profitable connections, innovation, leadership, advocacy and education.” The innovation award was designed to provide lasting recognition of a company’s innovative heritage. Judging criteria include a compelling idea, demonstration of a significant benefit or ability to create a new market, and marketplace success. Examples of innovation demonstrated by WriterAccess include the “Hotspots for Writers Quick Link Guide,” an API connection with the Shopify ecommerce platform, and proprietary technology that allows clients and expert writers to communicate directly through its online platform.

After the nomination, representatives of WriterAccess attended a preliminary event on March 21 to present supporting information on why it is the most innovative company in New England. Since its inception WriterAccess has amassed a team of over 6,000 expert writers who provide refreshing and insightful copy for the company’s over 4,000 clients. To-date over 300,000 orders have been completed including website content, press releases, blog posts, copywriting, manuscripts and product descriptions. “I am excited and thankful to both MassVentures and SBANE for considering us for this prestigious award,” said Byron White, WriterAccess founder and CEO. “We are honored to be in competition with so many other innovative companies. The art of writing has been around since cavemen first began to paint pictures on walls, but I think we have been successful in bringing it into the 21st century with our innovative approach to creating content and optimizing performance.”

Additional benefits if WriterAccess does win the innovation award include a formal presentation at SBANE’s “Evening of Innovation” Gala, entry into SBANE’s “Circle of Excellence” and membership in SBANE’s Innovation Center Program. Regardless of the outcome of this competition, White says that WriterAccess has no intention of resting on its laurels. He promises that the company will continue to provide outstanding service and innovative ideas.

WriterAccess is an online marketplace connecting customers directly with expert writers. It's a Platform-as-a-Service developed by ideaLaunch, a leading provider of content marketing services and solutions. The company’s mission is to streamline content creation with great writers and editors that all have the passion, expertise and experience needed to help grow a business organically—the content marketing way. Further information is available at www.WriterAccess.com or 617-227-8800.