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WriterAccess Sponsored Boston's Inbound Marketing Summit 2012

Thursday, October 25, 2012

WriterAccess, the online marketplace where clients and professional writers meet, sponsored the Inbound Marketing Summit at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, Massachusetts on Oct. 24th and 25th, 2012. WriterAccess team members attended the two-day event showcasing various mobile, digital and social media marketing innovations. Each day of the event featured selected speakers who offered advice and resources to enhance marketing approaches and stratagem, followed by networking sessions and receptions.

As an online content development platform, WriterAccess, stationed a couple miles north of the convention center, sponsored an exhibit at IMS 2012. The WriterAccess team, decked out in black and green t-shirts, offered service information and consultation to guests, fellow companies and start-ups.

CEO of WriterAccess, Byron White, one of the show’s highlighted panelists, lectured on the credibility of his WriterAccess platform by offering statistics on the effectiveness of client-writer communication, a process essential to successful content creation.

Chairman of Razorfish, Clark Kochich, launched the show on Tuesday morning with his keynote titled “Why CEOs are terrified of New Digital Technology and What to do About It.” Engaging the audience with his ideas on product development and company collaboration, he established an engaging, professional and proactive milieu that would carry on for the remainder of the trade show. Other speakers included PepsiCo Head of Digital, Shiv Singh; President of Human Business Works, Chris Brogan; and Hubspot’s Chief Technology Officer and Founder, Dharmesh Shah. Each speaker gave their own renditions on how to develop marketing strategies through many of today’s available digital portals, all towards the goal of maximizing and maintaining company achievements.

IMS 2013 will be held from Feb. 26-27 in New York, and June 18-19 in San Francisco. Interested in attending and learning more? Check out the events, sign up and prepare to immerse yourself in all things marketing.

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