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WriterAccess Unveils New Order Forms

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Revamped order forms offer features never before available in the industry

WriterAccess, the online marketplace and leading provider of content services, has officially launched the new order forms designed to improve the user experience and optimize the content creation process. WriterAccess clients can now make use of three different forms in efforts to create quality content: Crowd Orders, Standard Orders and Premium Orders. Each order form comes with different features and benefits. 

The Crowd Order is ideal for clients who have general content projects that can go out to the open pool of writers. Clients can select the writer level, create Master Instructions, and place orders that come pre-set with a two-day writer working time and five-day approval period. This convenient form is ideal for bulk orders for SEO articles or product descriptions, and comes with a 10% discount applied to the pay-per-word rate. By using the form, clients won’t have an option for writer selection; however they can add writers to their Love List for future projects.

The Standard Order meets the needs of clients that demand quality from experienced writers at a pay-per-word rate. Through use of this form, clients can select a writer or group of writers from their Love List, upload files and resources to the Master Instruction for writers to reference, and customize deadlines for content delivery. The Standard order form makes it simple and affordable to create content with pre-selected writers for projects like blogs, news articles and press releases.

The Premium Order form is a hybrid form that can be used for virtually any content project. The price setting on this form is set at the Standard Order rate, but clients can add a premium adjustment to compensate the writer more money for industry expertise, market value and research time for high-end orders. This allows for the production of the highest-caliber assignments at a price point that adequately compensates the proficiency required. In addition to writer selection and customizable deadlines, WriterAccess clients can access their File Libraries to attach MP3 recordings to the Master Instructions; select an editing service that is metered by the minute; or upload files to individual orders for reference.

WriterAccess staff hopes that the new order forms will satisfy the content needs of all clients using the platform, from small business owners to agencies.

“We’ve been listening to our customers and we realize that not all content is created equal,” notes WriterAccess founder Byron White. “Our technological solution is a first-of-a-kind for the content marketplace and for the industry in general. Clients now have access to everything they’re looking for: discounts, ease of use, and premium options.”

In the same week, the company is launching new features to compliment the order forms.

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