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New Client-Friendly Creative Brief Wizard Simplifies Ordering at WriterAccess.com

Monday, May 7, 2012

Free WriterAccess Tool Enhances Client Ordering

WriterAccess, the online marketplace and leading provider of content services, just unveiled the Creative Brief Wizard today during a webinar hosted by WriterAccess CEO Byron White and Nick Usborne, consultant and author of 101 Web Content Ideas, Tips and Resources. Clients can now create Master Instructions for content orders faster than ever with the help of the new WriterAccess Creative Brief Wizard. With this convenient and easy-to-use tool, WriterAccess clients have instant power to craft directions and instructions for writers that are clear and relevant. Creative Brief Wizard is now available for WriterAccess clients, who can now easily communicate exact specifications and guidelines to hired writing and editing talent.

Creative Brief Wizard is one of several unique features now offered free to WriterAccess clients. Creative Brief Wizard facilitates the ordering process so clients can save time and get the products they want with greater accuracy than ever before. The tool directs clients to enter specific information and key points that they want included in their production. Selections include: order type, voice, tone, goals for the project, unique selling point, references, restrictions and other important information that creative talent should know about the project before they begin work.

“One of the biggest challenges for WriterAccess customers is developing their "instructions" for orders and assignments,” White said at today’s webinar. “Many of our customers are small to medium-sized businesses without deep roots in branding, marketing and content marketing strategy. But all our customers want quality content that requires little or no revisions. And that's where our Creative Brief Wizard comes in. Using a short, uniform creative brief saves time for all, and it avoids confusion.” The Webinar marked the official launch of the Creative Brief Wizard, the latest in a series of innovative client tools available at WriterAccess.

The new release of Creative Brief Wizard makes creation of marketing content easier for all parties, from clients to writers and editors. Using this free client tool closes a frustrating gap in communication that often occurs in the initial stages of the creative process between clients and creative talent. With this tool, clients fill out a six-part questionnaire determining what information creative talent needs, and the client then gets a downloadable document, for free, to submit with a content order. Writers and editors are better informed about what the client really wants to have produced. The end result is better communication, time savings and higher satisfaction for all parties involved in the creative process.

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