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WriterAccess New Feature: Writer Forum

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

WriterAccess has launched the Writer Forums, a new feature where writers can share ideas and get their voices heard. The forums are open to all WriterAccess writers. It can be found in the Resources section of the writer dashboard.

The overall goal of the Writer Forums is to augment the already strong platform by encouraging communication between writers and WriterAccess administrators as well as among writers themselves.

“Communication is encouraged to improve the WriterAccess platform,” says WriterAccess CEO Byron White. "And through resource sharing, we look forward to collectively improving our contributors' writing styles and techniques.”

Several sections are already live.

  • General Discussion is where writers can discuss ideas pertaining to general interest topics related to writing. This may include proper verb usage, writing styles and techniques, or other pertinent subjects.
  • The Water Cooler is open for those who wish to discuss topics not directly related to writing. This area is open to a variety of subjects and has limitless possibilities.
  • The WriterAccess Features section is where writers can suggest improvements to the WriterAccess platform. This section has the power to play a role in features and content services in the future.
  • The Writer Workshop section is an area where writers may pose questions, offer answers and share writing tips and resources. This is the area to share helpful articles, books, websites and other resources that may be of use and help to fellow writers.It is also the area where writers can ask others how they have dealt with specific questions or issues that may have arisen during their writing careers.

All of the Writer Forums sections allow writers to discuss or reply to an existing thread in a discussion as well as begin a new thread with a question or topic of their own. As an early indicator of its success, the Writer Forums feature has already received suggestions and inquiries from several writers. Their input is appreciated and can serve as encouragement for other writers to review the existing content and provide additional content of their own.

“Like a good writer, the WriterAccess platform is continuously developing and improving,” White says. “We hope the Writer Forums feature serves as one more tool that can help achieve that end.”

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