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WriterAccess Provides New High Value Editorial Services

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Boston, MA (February 9, 2012) – Clients using the WriterAccess content creation services platform can now obtain high value Editorial Services at no additional charge. This new bundle of services is a compliment to existing client services but offers expansion of creative services designed to expedite the flow of written material to clients. Features include easy account setup and enhanced selection of writers, proofreaders, editors and content strategists.

Editorial Services joins the roster of other innovative WriterAccess creative services, such as Casting Call and Idea Sourcing. It fits perfectly the need for affordable high quality written materials in the current economy where creative budgets are stretched thin. While in its initial launch period, Editorial Services will be provided to clients or agencies that open accounts with a $5,000 deposit or more, and 100% of the deposit is applied to content orders those clients select.

WriterAccess is a service of ideaLaunch, a leading provider of content marketing services and solutions. According to WriterAccess founder Byron White, these Managed Services offer “the heavy lifting and full support clients need.” He notes that “creating a steady stream of high-quality content time takes a lot of time and a lot of expertise.” Editorial Services will fill an important gap between client need and the full range of services clients should be able to access to make their content more useful in the long run.

Client support specialist at WriterAccess Mia Coen expressed her enthusiasm for the new program, indicating this development is “just the beginning.” She assures clients that using hand-picked best writers for customers and the new format of setup content and writing sampling will save valuable time all around. The new service “also offers development of style guides, order instructions, and custom order templates for customers.”

WriterAccess has a proven track record as an online marketplace to connect clients with expert writers and editors. All creative talent are screened, tested and experienced professionals in their areas of expertise. Over 200,000 orders have been completed for 2,000 clients. The pool of writers contains 5,000 U.S.-based writers who have been pre-screened, tested and who are available immediately for service. WriterAccess is a premium supplier of content services, and proud to offer firm guarantees of satisfaction to clients. Clients never pay unless they are delighted with the results. For additional information and inquiries, please contact the founder of WriterAccess, Byron White, at 617-227-8800.