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Lessons Learned at Ad-Tech New York 2011 to Make WriterAccess Even Stronger for 2012

Friday, November 11, 2011

Boston, MA (November 11, 2011) – Quality always beats out quantity, and the quality connections WriterAccess made at the Ad-Tech NY 2011 trade show were top-notch. Potential customers that stopped by our gargantuan booth were thrilled to find us and sign-up. Many of those potential customers turned into clients with a remarkably high percentage of “conversions” after the show. We, too, were thrilled at the high-quality connections we made at the packed-to-the-gills event. And we were especially glad the old adage of quality over quantity held true – mainly because the quantity was dismal. Customers that did discover our booth were fewer and farther between than those that graced other booths that enjoyed a more visible position.

Despite the massive size of our 20-foot by 10-foot booth, our location at the trade show left a lot to be desired. The prime exposition locations featured the major advertising networks and players. Companies like Yahoo, Google, and Bing dominated the high-traffic areas, much the same way they dominate the web. Smaller, niche content creation companies like WriterAccess got to live up to the “niche” part of our name in small niches off to the side. Our booth was on the end aisle, far from the high-traffic middle zones. While we felt bad more customers were not able to easily find us, we did learn an important lesson that will carry over to next year’s event: Book the booth early for a better location.

“It’s a big show and bad placement can mean lost opportunities, but we will come back next year with more experience and a better booth location,” said Byron White, founder of WriterAccess and ideaLaunch. As with any new endeavor, lessons learned the first time around will make us stronger for the second time. Look for WriterAccess at Ad Tech NY in 2012 and beyond with a stronger presence but the same acute attention to quality that makes our organization a success.

A service of ideaLaunch, WriterAccess is an online marketplace that connects clients with expert writers and editors that are all screened, tested and proven professionals. Clients only pay if they are delighted with the results. For more information, contact company founder Byron White at 617-227-8800.