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Need a Good Idea (or 20)? Check out the New WriterAccess Contest Feature

Friday, August 12, 2011

Boston, MA (August 12, 2011) – New ideas for fresh content can be tough to come by – until now. Companies can say goodbye to the same-old stale ideas and hello to a percolating pool of captivating topics thanks to a new WriterAccess feature called the Contest.

The Contest allows clients to tap into the amazing brains of our team of 5,000 professional writers who will provide a slew of new ideas for posted projects. Clients simply launch a Contest and wait for writers to submit ideas for approval. A Contest can generate ideas for titles and topics for blog posts, or the ideas can be expanded to create premium articles or infographics.

“Coming up with interesting and compelling content is one of the biggest challenges that companies face,” notes WriterAccess CEO Byron White. “The new Contest platform on WriterAccess allows our clients to generate numerous ideas or topics in a relatively short period of time.”

Launching a Contest is simple. Clients fill out a Contest form in which they describe their project. They use one to four sentences to layout any special instructions, requirements, and the type of content that will be created from the generated ideas. They may also include particulars, such as target audience, tone and other information that can be helpful for guiding the writers in the desired direction.

Responding to a Contest is equally as simple. Writers review the open Contests and let their brains go to work.

Payment for approved ideas can be paid out at a fixed rate for each idea approved or in the form of a Lottery. The Lottery pays a set amount for the entire Contest, which goes to three winners randomly selected by WriterAccess from the group of writers who generated the approved ideas.

The Contest can be especially helpful for bulk orders, although all orders can benefit from crowd-sourced ideas that help drive organic traffic to a website. For more information on the Contest, please visit our Revolutionary Features section on the WriterAccess website.

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