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Find writers in minutes, place orders in a few more, and manage the workflow with super-simple tools.
Writer Marketplace

Search for writers and review industry skill, samples, experience, location, and more.

Casting Calls

Launch Casting Calls to find talent with the exact experience and skill you need for projects.

Writing Style Contest

Launch a Writing Style Contest and three writers complete the same order to compete for your business.

StyleMetrics Matcher

Use artificial intelligence to find the perfect talent for your project using next-gen software.

Pricing by the Word

Select the price you want to pay per word and get the quality you demand aligned with the price you pay.

Creative Briefs

Quickly communicate the tone, style, and goals for projects with our built-in form.

Required Keywords

Submit keywords for projects and we’ll confirm the requirement with a keyword density report.

Project Rulesets

Get the quality you demand with rules for research, tone, style or anything that writers must “check off” before delivery.

Voice Messages

Add a voice message to your order with one click to clarify the goals and requirements.

Conference Calls

Schedule a call with your talent to develop a strategy through collaboration.

Direct Messaging

Communicate directly with talent and manage the back and forth with built-in software.

Content Planning

Tap our visual calendar to post ideas with corresponding keywords, personas, and journey stages.

Project Management(File Library)

Upload all your documents, briefs, maps, and personas for easy access on orders.

Publish Integrations

Quickly set up one-click publishing integrations with HubSpot, WordPress, and more.

Unlimited Revisions

Request unlimited revisions for anything you order without any haggling.

Get advanced tools and access to an elite pool of writers, editors, content strategists, and global translators.
Pro Marketplace

Access an elite pool of freelancers for higher quality content and have your choice of paying by the word (starting at 11 cents), by the hour, or a flat rate fee.

  • Writers—500+ elite writers covering 64 different industries.
  • Editors—500+ editors with particular topic expertise
  • Content Strategists—500+ strategists to map out the game plan
  • Translators—2,500 certified translators living around the globe
Pricing By You

Contract freelancers in the pro marketplace by flat rate, hourly rate, or by the word (starting at 11 cents).

Stock Images

Access 700k royalty-free high-resolution images or purchase Getty Images for $6/image.

Stock Videos

Access a library of 80k royalty-free stock videos you can use and publish on your site.

Bulk Orders

Save time by placing bulk orders to multiple writers at once.

BuzzSumo Research

Quickly find the hot topics trending on the web and create content that catches the wave.

Content Analytics

Connect directly with talent using our conference call technology that protects privacy.

Multi-User Management

Team members are welcome to put the power of content marketing to work.

SERP Tracking

Track the performance of your keywords in Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

StyleMetrics Matcher

Find the perfect writer using text analytics powered by IBM Watson and Cambridge University in England.

Spend Reports

Get monthly spend reports broken out in the details you need to scale content marketing.

Topic Research

Quickly find the popular topics readers are searching for on the web.

Transform your agency into a content services powerhouse with fully branded white label solutions to scale.
White Label

Setup a white label portal for your client to approve content and request revisions.

API Publishing

Publish approved content directly to clients' blogs in HubSpot, WordPress, and more.

Buyer Personas

Our Buyer Persona Wizard helps you describe your target audience to help writers.

Customer Journey Maps

Use our customer Journey Map Wizard to document each stage of the journey.

Client Messaging

Message your clients using the white label portal to help keep orders going and work flowing.

Performance Reports

Track the performance of all the content you create on multiple domains.

Multi-Client Management

Manage client access and communication with alerts, portal access, and permission management.

Multi-Client Analytics

Track your clients' content performance with SERP tracking, Google Analytics and more.

Spend Reports

Keep track of all the content you're purchasing for each client to make billing super simple.

Advanced performance tools. Pro and Enterprise members.

Content Planner

Drop in your ideas and transform them into orders, with clear visual display ideas, active projects, approved orders and published assets.

Content Analytics

Quickly view all the content you've published on WordPress, Facebook, and/or Twitter, with reports on views, clicks, optimization, and more.

Keyword Analytics

Track how well your keywords are performing in the search engines, and quickly access keywords to optimize content on orders.

Performance Reports

Track how well your content is performing and what impact your content is having on rankings, traffic, clicks and more.

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