Differentiate your Content Strategy with Interactive Content

Improve your audience's engagement and increase your conversion rates by including interactive content experiences on your website.

Why marketers love interactive content

Expand your email list, generate more leads, and boost sales by easily incorporating customizable and compact interactive experiences into any page of your website.




than static content



more page views



more effective than
static content

Converts 2x better than static content

Generate 4-5x more page views

Considered 300% more effective than static content

Engage your audience with interactive quizzes that test their knowledge on a subject or practice, while promoting your business as thought leaders in your industry

1. Create quizzes based on your published articles

2. Seamlessly embed them to fit any website

3. Capture unlimited leads by using forms *

* Built with full GDPR/CCPA compliance and designed to meet accessibility standards

Check how this sample quiz will test your knowledge about NFTs'

[ion_script src="" hash="eyJ1cmwiOiIvL3dyaXRlcmFjY2Vzcy5wb3N0Y2xpY2ttYXJrZXRpbmcuY29tL21pY3JvLXF1aXotdGVtcGxhdGU/X2lvbl90YXJnZXQ9ZW1iZWQtMS4wIiwiaWQiOiJfaW9uX2lvbml6ZXJfMTcxMDg1NTIxNDI0NyIsImZ1bGxTY3JlZW4iOmZhbHNlLCJsYXp5TG9hZGluZyI6dHJ1ZX0="]
Discover the endless possibilities of embeddable experiences

Add interactive and customizable form fields and see your conversions multiply.

Welcome Mat

Welcome your website visitors with a fullscreen experience and introduce them to your brand or main offers.


Use small personalized alerts and notes to make your message stand out at any stage of the visitors’ journey.

Sticky Bar

Promote your materials, webinars and events on as many pages as you like – without interrupting the website navigation.

Engage your audience with interactive quizzes that are embeddable anywhere.
Demonstrate value and accelerate sales with interactive calculators.

Got questions? We have answers.

  1. Request your interactive experience based on any existing content you have.
  2. We will suggest a copy/logic for the experience; you only need to review it.
  3. Provide your logo and up to 3 color swatches. (
  4. Provide a fallback URL to redirect respondents when the embed has expired.
  5. Receive your embeddable code and integrate the interactive content seamlessly into your website.
No, after your interactive content is created, we can’t change its content. That’s why reviewing your content brief and the suggested copy/logic before creating your experience is essential. Please ensure the copy is revised before submitting your order.
Your interactive content will be created based on a template that allows for limited customization. You can customize your experience by adding your logo and up to 3 color swatches to match your existing branding. Any other layout customization is not possible in our default template offer. You can request only one round of design revision (logo and color update).
By default, interactive experiences will be available for 3 months. However, the campaign period can be extended at an additional cost. You can provide a fallback URL to redirect respondents when the embed has expired. This gives you control over the redirection destination.
You will receive an embeddable code to be used as a full page or embedded in a blog post or other existing page layout. It’s up to you how you want to publish your content. Remember to test the embed code before publishing it.
Yes, you can receive weekly email reports on your quiz performance, including metrics such as views, clicks, and conversions as an add-on.
Yes. When creating interactive quizzes, you can request the lead capture add-on. Your captured leads list will be delivered with your weekly report in CSV format.

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