From 2010 to 2017, WriterAccess focused on marketplace transactions, making it simple for customers like you to find writers, place orders and manage workflow. But in 2017, we launched WriterAccess 5.0, shifting our model from marketplace transactions to Software as a Service subscription, charging a small fee for new, big-time solutions.

This change required a significant upgrade to all our offerings. We spent most of 2017 upgrading our software, building a mobile app for customers orbiting at high speeds, and developing resources like online training, white label solutions, image libraries, planning tools, topic idea research tools, and much more.

Best of all, we rolled out our new Premium Service with WriterAccess 5.0, for customers that want us to do the heavy lifting, with setup and support along the way. And we made Premium Service free; you simply make an escrow pre-pay deposit of $2,500 or more, and we help you spend every penny wisely, with free proofreading service that’s metered based on your pre-pay, to make sure you always get the quality you demand.

We're excited about WriterAccess 5.0, and you can download the Software Guide and Premium Service Guide to dive into our new solutions, surfacing with a better way to grow your business organically—the content marketing way.