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Maria's editing/copy editing/proofreading experience spans across 3 decades and many genres and industries, rooted in her years as a journalist, college English instructor, and writer. Specifically, her fine-tuning textual content includes copy editing scholarly book manuscripts for a university press (as asst. editor) and freelance copy editing small businesses' marketing collateral, website content, and in-house manuals and presentations.
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Real Estate


-- Hard and feature news stories
-- Business communications: proposals, memos, presentations
-- Content for social media presence

-- Higher education/academia
-- College English curricula
-- Creative writing
-- Small animal care industry
-- Buddhism
-- Hatha yoga and T'ai Chi
-- Golf
-- Acrylic painting
-- Cooking and baking
-- French language


Maria's creative writing projects are currently a travel memoir about her 2019 six-month trip to Europe and a comedy series about life in academia which she hopes to one day see on the big screen. (Okay, any size screen will do.)

Maria is a fan of novelty and variety, so she has quite an eclectic taste in interests and activities. Recently she discovered the excitement of acrylic painting, and now she is enjoying seeing the world in more colors and shapes than ever before.

Another relatively new hobby is golf, which she never thought she'd say, but is now a proud member of Las Vegas' MGA, the Mediocre Golfers Association. Part of that enjoyment is doing a sport that takes her out into nature, so it follows that she is also an avid hiker and birdwatcher.

After 10 years of learning to play the mandolin, Maria still knows only 4 chords but enjoys jamming anyway.

Other areas of interest and knowledge include Buddhism and meditation, cooking and baking, watching NFL and the PGA Tour, animal care, homeownership, yoga, and T'ai Chi.


University of Bridgeport

Studied various modes of communications, namely journalism, PR, and advertising.

University of Arkansas

Studied form and theory of fiction and poetry. Wrote a 100-page thesis, a collection of short stories.


100 Projects Completed

Maria has been teaching college English writing and literature courses for over two decades. This work has included creating/designing, writing, editing, and proofreading all instructional and course materials.

Real Estate

30 Projects Completed

As a staff writer for a Bay Area real estate newspaper, Maria wrote hard and feature news articles on real estate trends.


5 Projects Completed

Maria has traveled extensively in Europe, as well as to Nepal and Bhutan.


2 Projects Completed

Maria worked for several years as an animal health technician for small- and large-animal veterinary hospitals in California and Idaho.


1 Projects Completed

As a daughter of a dewing teacher, Maria has a good working knowledge of basic sewing skills and terminology.


1 Projects Completed

Maria worked as Assistant Editor for a university press where she assisted the Editor, including copy editing scholarly book manuscripts.


75 Projects Completed

As a journalist for several print publications for over 3 decades, Maria S. knows how to fine-tune writing so it is engaging, informative, and concise, ready to reach its intended audience.

Newsletter Content

10 Projects Completed

As the Tourism Manager for a northern Nevada chamber of commerce/visitors bureau, Maria was responsible for reporting, writing, designing, and editing the members' monthly newsletter.

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