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Denine is an experienced, dedicated, and meticulous copy-editor and proofreader with exceptional project management skills.

She has nearly a decade's worth of professional experience. Denine has a stellar record of client satisfaction and can comfortably handle multiple projects simultaneously with efficiency and accuracy.

With experience copy-editing and proofreading a variety of content types (from web-related content, such as whole websites and blog articles, to guides, reports, presentations, digital marketing material, and ebooks), she specializes in various niches.

4 things Denine loves most about editing:
1. She enjoys meting and working with amazing people - writers, (sometimes) other editors, and clients (like you :-) ).
2. Editing helps feed her attention to detail and inner grammar geek (in her spare time, there are few things she loves more than doing grammar quizzes online).
3. She gets to read and learn about amazing things, satisfying her love of learning. (If Denine could, she'd love to be a permanent full-time student and frequent all the lecture halls of different universities).
4. She gets to work with writers who want to improve their craft and, if she's lucky, she is able to contribute a little bit to that.
Self Help
Web Page
Product Description
Blog Post


Types of content for copy-editing and proofreading:
* Web content, such as landing pages, homepages, articles - all optimized for SEO
* eBooks - fiction and non-fiction
* Guides and reports
* Presentation
* Digital marketing collateral

* Tech - cloud-based solutions, website builders, web hosting providers, SEO, VPNs, etc.
* Health, self-care, fitness, wellness
* Travel
* Education and teaching
* Reference and how-to guides
* Politics and current affairs
* Pets
* Fiction - teens/young adults, sci-fi, paranormal, dystopian, light romance
* Affiliate sites, product reviews, informational articles

Other specialties include:
* US and UK English proficient
* APA style (however, I can work with any client style guide)
* Fact checking
* Search Engine Optimization


* Wellness, health, and exercise
* Continuing her education. Completed Moz' SEO course and busy with a Happiness course on Coursera
* Reading - Love fiction
* Scrapbooking, making cards and other arts and crafts
* Traveling
* Grammar quizzes and upping English language skills (because there is always something more to learn)
* Photography
* Learning a new language (currently busy with Spanish on Duolingo)


University of Johannesburg (South Africa)

Majors: Journalism, Communication, and Politics.

* Variety of communication-related subjects, including Audio-Visual Communication and Persuasive Communication
* Computer Studies
* English
* Journalism
* Politics
* Sociology.

University of Johannesburg (South Africa)

* Advanced Research Methodology (including SPSS)
* International Conflict Analysis
* Key Issues in International Relations
* Key Issues in International Political Economy
* Political Risk Assessment.

60-page dissertation: "Ploughing the Field of Land Reform: A Comparative Analysis of Land Issues in Zimbabwe and South Africa"

University of Johannesburg (South Africa)

A research-based masters.

200-page dissertation: "Post-Conflict Peacebuilding: Comparative Case Studies"


500 Projects Completed

Denine has experience in editing and proofing most web-related content in technology.

Topics include:
1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
2. Website development and content management systems
3. VPNs and other security-related topics
4. Cloud storage
5. Website hosting providers
6. Social Media Marketing (SEM)
7. and more!

Self Help

150 Projects Completed

Most of Denine's experience in the self-help and psychology industry has been in editing ebooks in this niche.

Self-help topics she has knowledge about include:
1. Narcissism, gas lighting, and manipulation
2. Positivity, building positive habits, killing negativity
3. Boosting your confidence
4. Kindness and happiness
5. Mind programming techniques
6. Mindfulness and meditation
7. Codependency
8. Anxiety and stress
9. Communication, body language, and analyzing people

Denine is also busy with The Science of Happiness, a course on offer through Courera to further her own journey in self-care.


150 Projects Completed

As a fitness fanatic and person who believes that fitness makes you feel better overall, Denine has edited and proofread many projects in the fitness industry.

Most recently, the fitness topics she edited were about:
* bodybuilding
* how to exercise as a beginner
* how to gain muscle
* secrets to getting fit ASAP
* yoga, Pilates, HIIT, interval training, strength training exercises and routines
* at home workouts
* weight loss and fitness
* healthy eating and fitness


100 Projects Completed

As an avid traveller and having toured 5 continents (and lived on 3), Denine's experience in proofreading and editing travel-related topics include:
* travel tips for beginners and pros
* where to go and what to see
* in-depth travel guides for all countries
* analysis on how safe countries are to travel to (looking at risk profiles, etc.)


100 Projects Completed

Denine's experience in nutrition ranges from her actually trying out most the diets and editing ebook, web, and social media content related to nutrition.

Within nutrition, her expertise lies in calorie counting, how to eat healthy, and diets (or healthy lifestyle changes as she likes to refer to them), namely the keto, whole foods plant-based, DASH, Mediterranean, zero sugar, vegan, vegetarian, IF, 5/2, (and more!) diets.

Blog Post

8,000 Projects Completed

Copy-edited and proofread many, many, many blog posts in the past 5 years of her freelancing career.

Niches include:
* Tech
* Pets
* Beauty, health, fitness, and wellness
* Education and teaching
* Storage and travel
* And so many more!

Product Description

2,001 Projects Completed

Denine had edited and proofread a variety of product descriptions.

The majority were for affiliate sites in the pet, tech, beauty, home improvement, and kids niches.

Web Page

2,000 Projects Completed

Edited whole websites, including landing pages, website updates, and blog articles.

Other than copy-editing and proofreading the content, she also checks the SEO of the content and ensures it meets Google's requirements so it can rank well on the SERPs.


250 Projects Completed

Edited more than 250 ebooks, in which the length varies from short ones of 5,000 words to 45,000+.

eBook topics range from non-fiction to fiction.

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